Hey Guys,


we're just gearing-up and getting ready for the live web-chat with Ben Kenney. We wanted to start doing things a bit different this time, meaning more organization.


Last time we just took some skype questions at random, which was fun, but occasionally led to problems. This time we would like to try and prep the skype questions a little bit better, SO:


If you are going to be watching the webchat and you would like to ask Ben a question LIVE on skype video, PLEASE post in here so I can try and plan / organize things a little better. Just to be clear,  posting in here DOES NOT guarantee that you will get chosen to ask your question live, we only have a certain amount of time and we won't get to everyone's question, but we won't be picking people at random this time, so you NEED to post in here if you want to have a chance.


If you posted a question for Ben in the other message board thread, please RE-post it in here, and also include your skype name so we can contact you BEFORE going live.


Thanks, hope you guys enjoy what we have planned.



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Hi Ben,


My question would be... Was there ever a time in a show that you forgot the lines of the song you are playing (lyrics or music) and gone blank for a second or two?

If yes, when, where, how and why? What did you do about it? And did something good come from this too... if you "look on the bright side"?

If no, then what are the usual preparations you do (like a pep talk or something) to prevent this thing from happening?


Much love,

Kat from the Philippines



Skype: fedexpiral
If you could pick a song from a 80's hair metal band to cover what would it be and why? Skype name Chance Brown
skype = jake.mertes

i run the incubusquotes twitter, just got a few questions.

my skype name is: wildrose13

can you ask to Ben, will Incubus come to Indonesia this year? thanks..


skype = delyon.e

First of all, you're amazing. Second of all...you're amazing? Anyways what was your inspiration behind your solo project and behind "get time"?



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