So it's almost that time.... HQ box sets should be shipping any day now and that means those of us who bought them should be getting them in the mail soon!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to make this thread so we can take pictures with our unique pieces of canvas we get. Also, I think it would be fair for us to trade canvases, because if someone happens to get the piece I drew of Mikey surfing, I would totally trade for it!! Of if you get Brandon's art, but want Ben's, etc. But if you're gonna come in here and try to sell it only for profit, I will virtually punch you and get your post deleted. This is not ebay and I don't take nicely to scumbags trying to make a quick buck off fans (that goes to you too SCALPERS). If you are going to trade, please use common sense and discretion. If some person who only has the default picture and no other posts but wants you to send the canvas to a PO box and pay you with moneygram, don't do it. Don't get scammed, be smart.

Otherwise, have fun, admire and envy other's canvases and good luck with your "booster pack" box sets because you never know what canvas you might get!

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Becky, your piece was really easy to find inside the box cover!  Did you find it yet?

Yes Debbie, I found it very easily too. I wish Kil's autograph hadn't gotten cut off.

Fantastic box set! Slightly upset that I got short shanked on the autographed canvas though...

Well, just be happy you didn't fall into my situation. By the way, I'm still waiting to hear from Topspin about why I didn't receive my book with my box set. It's really upsetting to see everyone being so excited about their set, yet here I am, with an incomplete set and no hope in sight of getting anything done about it. Probably won't be ordering anything from these people ever again in the future. And that still doesn't ease the fact that I got the SHAFT! I also doubt there's anything the band can do since this is pretty much out of their hands. First awful experience I've had concerning Incubus.Really sucks!

I am missing July 6 Vinyl Records in my set and still waiting on a response from topspin as well, there had to be some extra when they finished boxing these things up. If they made 2000 of them or whatever they have to exist somewhere! Hopefully someone responds to it. What email address did you send yours to?

You can go to the topspin media customer support website and submit a request. They will send you an automated response shortly then someone should get back to you soon after that. It's been four business (6 days if you count the weekend) since I've heard anything from anyone.

I'm sorry you have to be going through this as well. I guess I really need to check to make sure all my vinyl is in the sleeves, as I haven't done any of that yet.

You are certainly not alone.  Guess how many CDs I got with my box set.  Zero.  Yep.

I really can not believe the incompetency over at Top Spin.  Anyone want to band together and make an anti-Top Spin website?  (At the least, I am going to post my experience in every applicable spot I can find if I don't get my CDs in a timely manner... but based on it taking them at least four business days to reply to your e-mail, I'm not getting my hopes up about ever getting the CDs.  I'm afraid they're just going to offer me a full refund for sending it all back or just tell me tough luck.  ARG!!!

Incubus, next time sell through a half decent company.

Thats woeful, i know they might of been in a hurry to get these things out but at least make sure they're right to go before sending them. I can see how they might of forgot to put my records in the sleeve but to send one out without all of the cd's would be hard to miss. I know they would have made X amount of each item in the box, and surely if im missing records your missing cd's and michael's missing his book there would had to have been some left over at the end of packing.

A 1 month delay and numerous people missing pieces of their set is completely unacceptable and unprofessional. I was sorely upset about the book and you guys are missing the musical elements of your set so I can imagine your displeasure. It's actually been 7 days now (guess it just felt longer) since I've started my request through topspin. I have only received one reply from an actual human. They have not responded to any of my other emails at this point and am not sure they will. They really need to make right on this.

I will be submitting a complaint to the BBB if they do not respond in a few more days. Hopefully that will light a fire under their bums and get them to correct their mistake. I suggest you guys contact Topspin and get your requests going as well. If it takes a long time as it is with mine, then you too should probably submit a complaint to the BBB.

My e-mail to Top Spin went out yesterday.  I'll resend that e-mail for every couple of days in which I don't get a response from Top Spin and by the time a week has passed without notification that my CDs are on the way, I will file a complaint with the BBB.

Any other good places to take our customer experience?  

For now, let's take to Yelp:

Hey i got a response from them today and they said they are currently looking into this issue, i included in my email your complaints as well, don't know if thats the same response you got but it seems that something is happening. If we get anything from it is another question but i feel slightly better now that iv'e heard from them and they are going to talk to someone about the missing stuff.



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