So it's almost that time.... HQ box sets should be shipping any day now and that means those of us who bought them should be getting them in the mail soon!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to make this thread so we can take pictures with our unique pieces of canvas we get. Also, I think it would be fair for us to trade canvases, because if someone happens to get the piece I drew of Mikey surfing, I would totally trade for it!! Of if you get Brandon's art, but want Ben's, etc. But if you're gonna come in here and try to sell it only for profit, I will virtually punch you and get your post deleted. This is not ebay and I don't take nicely to scumbags trying to make a quick buck off fans (that goes to you too SCALPERS). If you are going to trade, please use common sense and discretion. If some person who only has the default picture and no other posts but wants you to send the canvas to a PO box and pay you with moneygram, don't do it. Don't get scammed, be smart.

Otherwise, have fun, admire and envy other's canvases and good luck with your "booster pack" box sets because you never know what canvas you might get!

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"Favorite Things"; RSD and Incubus :)  I will support the HQ release through my local record store, even if it's not what I want.  311 re-issued "Grassroots", "SoundSystem", and "Music" on vinyl during RSD and Black Friday.  They all sound amazing and the quality of the re-issues (vinyl/packaging) got better from Grassroots to their latest Music, awesome stuff!  Good points guy!

I'm actually really surpirsed there is no general Blu-Ray release. There has been one since Red Rocks, though I think it came after the initial release. I have a feeling if this release is successful, they will probably do a Blu-Ray release down the road. I wasn't aware that you only get 24bit/96kHz audio only if it's a DVD-audio format, but I guess that makes sense, DVDs have limited capacity and the video takes up quite a bit of room. At least it's 5.1, so it will at least sound cool, if not as good as it could be.

Has anyone received theirs yet?

Just got mine in the mail today. This thing is pretty MASSIVE!! Oh hell no!! I do not have the signed coffee table book included! WTF!!

Wait....what?  No signed book?

I did not receive one in my box set. Hopefully it is just a fluke and topspin will make good on it. Contacted them, and since they can only be contacted by email it may take a little while. I'm going to be very anxious until I hear something from them. I hope everyone else who receives one doesn't have the same issue, but if you do, know that you're not alone.

Still haven't received a shipping notification on mine... :-(

Oh no Michael! That's not good at all.  I hope that topspin get back to you soon.

I didn't get a notification either but when I checked my order # it appears to have shipped out of Kentucky last night. Hopefully it gets here to PA very soon AND shows up with the book and the sigs.

same here! I'm in PA too...hope they get here soon!

I got mine today :D 

I have no idea what part I got.... anyone have good pictures of all the canvases or recognize what part it may be from? 

Here it is!

Amber, I sure don't know what part it is , other than ALL of their signatures!!!! Lucky! that is so awesome!  I can't wait to see what mine will be! Hopefully, tomorrow!



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