So it's almost that time.... HQ box sets should be shipping any day now and that means those of us who bought them should be getting them in the mail soon!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to make this thread so we can take pictures with our unique pieces of canvas we get. Also, I think it would be fair for us to trade canvases, because if someone happens to get the piece I drew of Mikey surfing, I would totally trade for it!! Of if you get Brandon's art, but want Ben's, etc. But if you're gonna come in here and try to sell it only for profit, I will virtually punch you and get your post deleted. This is not ebay and I don't take nicely to scumbags trying to make a quick buck off fans (that goes to you too SCALPERS). If you are going to trade, please use common sense and discretion. If some person who only has the default picture and no other posts but wants you to send the canvas to a PO box and pay you with moneygram, don't do it. Don't get scammed, be smart.

Otherwise, have fun, admire and envy other's canvases and good luck with your "booster pack" box sets because you never know what canvas you might get!

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Amber, did you try and find where it came from in the box lid picture?

I did look at the inside of the box and every pic I could find of the canvases online..... still can't figure it out!

I found it Amber! Turn the lid upside down so that the top left corner is now bottom right.....See the hot pink shoe? It's actually brighter in the box lid....but that's it!  So your piece is actually upside down on your book.

oh wow thanks! I swear I searched that thing a few times and didn't see it!  You must of been an expert at where's waldo! ;)

No prob!  some of them are really hard to find, and i'm sure there's others that won't be visible in the box lids.......we're just lucky! lol

I'm starting to get really worried now: no email that my unit has shipped, and the tracking # on my live receipt  is still 'N/A' (Not available)

Just as I was typing a mail to Topspin to inquire about my package, I received a shipping notification. Seems I will finally getting my package somewhere next week. Really looking forward to that!

Isn't this set beeeee-U-tiful?


Sarahh, did you find it on the orig. pictures of the canvas?



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