So it's almost that time.... HQ box sets should be shipping any day now and that means those of us who bought them should be getting them in the mail soon!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to make this thread so we can take pictures with our unique pieces of canvas we get. Also, I think it would be fair for us to trade canvases, because if someone happens to get the piece I drew of Mikey surfing, I would totally trade for it!! Of if you get Brandon's art, but want Ben's, etc. But if you're gonna come in here and try to sell it only for profit, I will virtually punch you and get your post deleted. This is not ebay and I don't take nicely to scumbags trying to make a quick buck off fans (that goes to you too SCALPERS). If you are going to trade, please use common sense and discretion. If some person who only has the default picture and no other posts but wants you to send the canvas to a PO box and pay you with moneygram, don't do it. Don't get scammed, be smart.

Otherwise, have fun, admire and envy other's canvases and good luck with your "booster pack" box sets because you never know what canvas you might get!

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I got my code for 6 free months yesterday!  But I now have a question and I am not sure where to go to ask it... Anyone have any suggestions...  First here is the wording of the email I (as you all should have) received yesterday:

Thank you for purchasing the Incubus Limited Edition: HQ Live Box Set!

With your Box Set, you also receive 6 free months of Incubus Live Bootlegs, with the following code: ******
You can use your redemption code up to six times at

From there, you can access and download your Incubus Live Bootlegs at Membership HQ:

Thank you so much for your support and enjoy the Bootlegs!

So this is my question (with regard to the code being usable 6 times):Just to clarify, does this mean we should wait until the end of a month to use our code to be sure we get all the bootlegs added for that particular month? I know there are some listed already but also read that "Lifetime Members" and "Monthly Members" who join in July will also have access to these five shows, coming up next:

  • 7/16/11 San Diego
  • 7/23/11 Kuala Lumpur
  • 7/26/11 Jakarta
  • 7/28/11 Manila
  • 7/30/11 Niigata.
Are we, as box set buyers who were given the free code, considered monthly members? I want to be sure I use my free code to the fullest!

So, it's the week of july 30th... Has anyone already received a notification about the shipping of the limited edition boxes? 

No notification yet :/
Looking at my live receipt and still says acknowledged

Got in touch with Topspin and here is the reply I received from Alliance Warehouse Support:

Thanks so much for reaching out. The product(s) you've ordered is currently on backorder. Rest assured we're doing everything we can to get the product(s) back in stock. As soon as we get it back in stock, we'll get your order out to you as quickly as we can. If for some reason the product becomes completely unavailable, we'll let you know and of course issue you a refund for the unavailable product(s). Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

TopSpin Fullfillment Support

Chris Z

I do not like the sound of that. How can it be on backorder if it was a limited run and why would it be out of stock? I ordered mine on the first day of preorders. I do not like the sound of this at all. Trying to stay optimistic but I'm almost ready to just take a refund.

I think it's ridiculous not receiving any word from Topspin.  

That seems to be a generic email as I got one along those lines too when I asked what was happening around the 6th of July..

I tweeted the band and Renman yesterday just waiting now to hear back from them.

However I did receive an email from Topspin about two weeks ago asking me to leave feedback on how our transaction went .... 

So after writing my last message I got an update from Topspin ... 

....... an important update on your Limited Edition: HQ Live Box Set.  We are in the final stages of completing the HQ Live Box Sets.  In order to give you the best product we possibly can, we will need another 2 weeks to put the final touches on it.  The new ship date for the box sets will be on August 16, 2012.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but like everything we've ever put out… we want to make sure we give you the best product possible!
Again, we thank you for your patience & support and can't wait to get you these box sets!

Got that same email today. Let's hope it's the last time they have to push the delivery back, and we can all enjoy our boxes mid August. 

I posted the same message below on the preorder thread and sent the same message to Topspin.  They said they would pass it along to the appropiate people.  Here's what I said, "What I don't understand is why there wasn't more limit edition box sets made?  It hasn't even been released and it's sold out.  Obviously there's a demand!  Many other bands allow their fans to get a copy of some very long awaited quality material; Vinyl, Blu-Ray, packaging, etc.....  Also in return, happily supporting the band.  Some example of bands allowing fan to get great material are; Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Steven Wilson, Trent Reznor, Pink Floyd Discovery Box Sets, more and more band are releasing stuff like this nowadays, which is great.   I did buy their "Melodies and Monuments" vinyl compilation set, that only wetted my thirst for quality material. In response to the comment by "Emu" about waiting to buy the vinyl on Ebay, have you seen what flippers do to prices, taking advantage of fans?  The flippers aren’t even fans, only buying to take advantage of them.  I'm 30 years old and my generation is finally getting quality music; Vinyl, Blu-Ray Hi Rez, SACD, DVD-A, and High Def download.  Incubus is an AMAZING band with AMAZING musicians that deserve to be heard the way it was intended when listening to them in the privacy of one's home.  I remember seeing/meeting them back in 98 on the SCIENCE tour, they blew my mind!"

Well the box set is inherently limited because each copy comes with a piece of canvas that was drawn on by fans and the band at HQ itself. There obviously is only a limited amount of canvas, so to make an unlimited version of the box set would require them to design a whole other box set since it looks like the canvas is integrated into the coffee table book and the box itself? I absolutely hate flippers as much as the next person, but flippers usually only flip the entire package new, unopened. They *probably* wouldn't open it and sell the contents individually since I'd imagine they wouldn't make as much money. And like I said, the people I heard who said they will probably sell the vinyl are true fans, they just don't see the purpose since they want their music digitally or don't have the means to even play vinyl. The DVD combo will probably be your best bet since it is mastered in 5.1 surround, and DVD audio is 24-bit/96kHz, which is higher than CD quality. Either way, I wish you the best and hope you can find just the vinyl at a decent price. It's 8 vinyls, so it's definitely a majority of the box set price.

Hello Emu, thanks for responding.  That totally makes sense and I agree with you that they could only make so many of the box sets.  Due to the cool idea of the corresponding artwork in a way that really connects to the fans, very cool!  It would be awesome if your statement was true, "The DVD combo will probably be your best bet since it is mastered in 5.1 surround, and DVD audio is 24-bit/96kHz, which is higher than CD quality."  However, that's most likely not the case from the info I've seen in regards of the product.  I didn't see it advertised as DVD-Audio format, the only way 96kHz/24bit would be available (what King Crimson did with the recent reissuing of their catalog) , other than on Blu-Ray, which as far as I know will only be in the box set.  The DVD combo will be at best, 48kHz/16bit, pretty much cd quality.  It would be nice if Incubus would release the Vinyl and/or a Blu-Ray release (96kH/24bit) separately, like other bands.  This would make a lot of people happy.  Keeping the box set limited and special for the fans who were able to get one.  And giving other fans a chance to get some great material at a reasonable price and support the band at the same time. 

Well that is the main thing for bands to keep it seperate. For example I have a box by Kings of Leon called the early years. There is a bonus LP enclosed with live songs that are only available through that box on vinyl. Another good example is from Editors(Unedited Box), which I am dying to have. They have made the box completely with a lot of b-sides. That are only available through the boxes as well on vinyl as cd. Now they have put it up for download. Such a shame. You can't get all the songs on vinyl or CD if you don't own that box.  

Maybe Incubus will being handling it differently because I've heard that on Record Store Days Black Friday. Incubus will release something. perhaps it is what you want

Hmmm, that record store day thing is an interesting point. In fact, I know through the record store day organization, there is going to be a limited edition litho coming out with the HQ releases.  so the band/label is obviously working with them. Maybe the rumors of a re-issue of the pre-INNW? albums is true, and will happen. Could be a Blu-Ray release too. Who knows.



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