So it's almost that time.... HQ box sets should be shipping any day now and that means those of us who bought them should be getting them in the mail soon!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to make this thread so we can take pictures with our unique pieces of canvas we get. Also, I think it would be fair for us to trade canvases, because if someone happens to get the piece I drew of Mikey surfing, I would totally trade for it!! Of if you get Brandon's art, but want Ben's, etc. But if you're gonna come in here and try to sell it only for profit, I will virtually punch you and get your post deleted. This is not ebay and I don't take nicely to scumbags trying to make a quick buck off fans (that goes to you too SCALPERS). If you are going to trade, please use common sense and discretion. If some person who only has the default picture and no other posts but wants you to send the canvas to a PO box and pay you with moneygram, don't do it. Don't get scammed, be smart.

Otherwise, have fun, admire and envy other's canvases and good luck with your "booster pack" box sets because you never know what canvas you might get!

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I'm sooooo anxious for my box set. 

Is there anyone willing to selling it anyways? I'm guessing it is sold out just when I got the right amount of money! Please let me know!

has anybody got an idea when the box sets will be shipped? the page says the 6th, but i have not received an email from topspin so far.


I've tried contacting them as well. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one in the dark.

I've gotten 2 generic emails stating that my special order has not yet arrived.  I received one on the 2nd and the 9th.  I sent a reply with no follow up by Topspin.  I can't really say that I'm thrilled with that company!

OK, I just got this email:

Hi everyone,

Please read this email for an important update on your Limited Edition: HQ Live Box Set.  The pressing of the vinyl took a little longer than expected, so it set the original shipping date back by a couple of weeks.  The good news is the vinyl is ready to go and box sets will ship out the week of July 30th.  
We thank you for your patience and as a token of our appreciation, please look out for a separate email with a unique redemption code for each of you, good for six free months of Monthly Membership to Incubus Live Bootlegs.  This membership will give you access to download about 30 live Incubus shows.   
Thanks for your continuing support and we can't wait to share all this music with you!
So can this thread be dedicated to pictures of the canvases now that we have confirmation on why there was a delay. I don't want this thread to digress into a complain thread,  lets keep it positive!

i got that email too just not the email for the bootlegs....yet :/

Excellent! That's good to hear. Thank you for sharing. I'm in the bad... I just realized that I'm not getting any notifications from topspin because of an error I made when entering my contact email.  The paypal email was correct so the package will be shipped to my address. But now I have to figure out how to get my addy corrected so I get the extra goodies.  :)

you think it got shipped yet?:/

I cant wait to get my copy!!!  

Has anyone got an email regarding the bootleg's?

not yet

Thank you very much for this post. I had a similar idea. My girlfriend and I are very excited to get our box set as well. We spent our anniversary and her birthday together at the day 5 concert, it was amazing! Together we had fun on the canvas. So, if any of you get a crazy black ink design with the names "Ryan & Natalie".... Please let me know. It would be a great piece for us to have. My profile pic is the drawing :). If you get it and dont want to trade me i hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank You!



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