"Show Incubus Around Your Town"-Win Free Tix and Backstage Passes!

Incubus is starting a world tour soon! The dates and venues for the "If Not Now, When?" World Tour can be found on the 'Tour' tab of Incubus World Headquarters. (http://incubushq.com/events/event/listUpcoming) They'd like to see what the world has to offer beyond the stage, however, and for that they need your help. Fans around the world are constantly offering to show Incubus the best of what their cities have to offer, so Incubus would like to accept the invitation. The band would like fans to submit their best audition at playing tour guide for their cities. Show them what makes your town unique, what makes it stand out as a great place to hang out and an awesome place to play a rock show. Show off hole-in-the-wall locations or the best restaurants; places where Incubus might be able to spend a day off to relax and unwind, or even just places that other fans might enjoy to visit. The best and most creative video for each venue will be hand-picked by the band and their management, and given VIP tickets and backstage passes for the show.


* Videos should be between 2-4 minutes in length and feature the highlights and most notable landmarks of the city.

* Videos should have good audio quality and provide a translation into English if they are not recorded in English.

* Videos should be submitted to the group on Incubus World Headquarters corresponding to the venue no less than one week before the concert. The earlier, the better. For example, fans wishing to enter the contest for Berlin will have a better shot at giving the band and their team a chance to review their video if they enter by June 3rd rather than June 10th. The band would like a full week to be able to review all entries and pick the best of the bunch.

* Approximately one week from the concert, the winner will be selected and contacted through Incubus World Headquarters regarding how to receive their passes.


This is a unique opportunity for Incubus fans, so good luck, and think outside the box!

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ahahahah! Your accent it's funny but your english is really good! I'm afraid mine will be a mess xD Italian accent will overwhelm my english at all xD
Hey at least your accent sounds beautiful and not like a caveman like mine!! :D
ahahahah it's not true!
Here's my video from the BIG ISLAND (= Enjoy!!


Aloha! Here is my submission for Oahu


SOOO good!! great video!! 3 days! enjoy!!!

Kyle Wright said:

FINALLY!!!! Here's my entry for the AUGUST 5th CONCERT AT KAKA'AKO BEACH PARK AMPHITHEATER ON O'AHU HAWAI'!!! Sorry it's so long but I just couldn't cut anything else out!!! Talking is a little soft so turn up the volume or throw on a pair of headphones and ENJOY!!! Aloha!!!


Aloha!!  WHOO HOO!! finally finished my video!! Hope you guys ENJOY!! Big love from the BIG ISLAND!! -Rachel Litiatco




see you guys sooon!! for the love of an amazing band. (=


I posted this Tour Section of Hawaii a week ago but just adding this on everywhere else just incase!  

these videos are great, guys! i'm officially nervous about submitting mine lol

Yo Incubus,

Here's my verbal video since I don't have access to a video camera. (Hopefully I'll win tickets to the Red Rocks venue.) Anyway, my hometown is located about 300 miles south of Denver, it is the little city of Pueblo. (The sister city of Puebla.) Not many big gigs make it through unless they play the state fair (which is rinky dink compared to the X, but sometimes we get good venues). Being located on the Arkansas makes Pueblo an awesome place to be outdoors. One can float the river, take a walk by the river, hang out at the reservoir and we have the mountains right down the road. The thing that makes Pueblo is its strange tales of certain destinations. The first one that comes to mind is the Honor Farm. This place is known for many strange happenings. In the late 80's, early 90's, devil worshipping was huge in this town and it all took place at the Honor Farm. Before the city bought the building and demolished it, it is said that music could be heard coming from inside the building, eventhough no one was around. Hooded figures would stand in the windows. Some guy was messed up on some kind of drug and ended up falling off the roof of the building. Another wack shit took his baby niece out there and bashed her head in with a rock (graphic I know but there's no flowering it.) Nothing like that happens there anymore but the crazed energy still lingers. Then there is Swallows, the little town located under the reservoir. During the late 1800's early 1900's a town residing in a canyon (right outside of what is now Pueblo West) flooded and drowned the entire city. When people drive over it in a boat, they are actually drivng down old streets. You can see where the streets were thanks to the trees. At night time they say that blue lights emanate from the water. Some say it's gas from the stoves but I've heard about it chasing people. This incident happened a long time ago, so there's either a lot of gas in those stoves or they are indeed spirits. Finally the Courtner House, located in the county. Supposidly this KKK member lived on this land. One day he went ape shit and shot is wife, two sons and hung his daughter from a tree before offing himself. Now I know this place is creepy because my friends and I went ghost hunting out there once and whatever's there really messed with us. Well, those are the most exciting places in Pueblo besides finding characters and the walking dead at bars. It'd be cooler if it was visual and you could see it but it's not. Give me credit I'm thinking outside of the box eventhough I live in the only box on the map. Oh yeah, that movie "Snake Pit" is about our mental institution if ya wanna check it out on the road. Member Denver, I'm turprobably too late but it's worth a shot. Thanks for the time, hope to see ya there. If not, wave. I'll be watchin'.

Hey, I am so down to do whatever to try and show incubus that Fresno, CA is probably one of the most "un-cool" places to live!! haha Honestly, I call us "The Valley of The Dirt People" but reguardless, I have seen Incubus in concert many times and have been a have for 10 years. I live in Clovis CA and want to meet Incubus so badly you have no idea. I unfortunately do not know how to make a video and put it up here. But ID LOVE to try and win a chance to meet them! Anything I can do ???? Please help me!! Thanks



Stephanie Cassidy




Incubus @ Save Mart Center (back in the day) Fresno, CA

Incubus @ Santa Barbara Bowl July 15, 2011 published by OCWeekly. 

Please pic me for the newly announced show here… you know you need someone tight from fresno lol. I appreciate it. Truely, a dream come true for me this would be!

Tell Incubus to have a contest for the next "Girl In the Black Hat.."  because here I am! !!!


I've already submitted my entry to another post, but the concert is in like 3 days, and I'm in panic mode to win...

So my name is Kalika Redman, and this is my entry for Chicago! Sorry if this is spam, but you have got to understand how badly I want to win! Please choose me! I love Incubus soooo much!



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