"Show Incubus Around Your Town"-Win Free Tix and Backstage Passes!

Incubus is starting a world tour soon! The dates and venues for the "If Not Now, When?" World Tour can be found on the 'Tour' tab of Incubus World Headquarters. (http://incubushq.com/events/event/listUpcoming) They'd like to see what the world has to offer beyond the stage, however, and for that they need your help. Fans around the world are constantly offering to show Incubus the best of what their cities have to offer, so Incubus would like to accept the invitation. The band would like fans to submit their best audition at playing tour guide for their cities. Show them what makes your town unique, what makes it stand out as a great place to hang out and an awesome place to play a rock show. Show off hole-in-the-wall locations or the best restaurants; places where Incubus might be able to spend a day off to relax and unwind, or even just places that other fans might enjoy to visit. The best and most creative video for each venue will be hand-picked by the band and their management, and given VIP tickets and backstage passes for the show.


* Videos should be between 2-4 minutes in length and feature the highlights and most notable landmarks of the city.

* Videos should have good audio quality and provide a translation into English if they are not recorded in English.

* Videos should be submitted to the group on Incubus World Headquarters corresponding to the venue no less than one week before the concert. The earlier, the better. For example, fans wishing to enter the contest for Berlin will have a better shot at giving the band and their team a chance to review their video if they enter by June 3rd rather than June 10th. The band would like a full week to be able to review all entries and pick the best of the bunch.

* Approximately one week from the concert, the winner will be selected and contacted through Incubus World Headquarters regarding how to receive their passes.


This is a unique opportunity for Incubus fans, so good luck, and think outside the box!

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OK. Well, thanks for the info. Hopefully, the contest is still going on. Let's hope for the best!

Hope is not too late, here's my entry for San Antonio, Texas. Hope you guys like it!



Yes, Zack Howse created a thread where you can post your entry and see the others. Voting last from 15th to 18th October and soon prices will be decided http://incubushq.com/profiles/blogs/fan-tour-guide-contest?xg_sourc...

@Daniela you will not be able to win passes to any show through this contest. The official contest has been cancelled and I have created another fan driven contest at the above link that Silvia posted. Keep in mind I am not affiliated with the band or it's management, I am only a fan doing this on my own with some possible help from Lauren.  Thanks


That would be a pleasure to show my beautifull city to you all! Please come to Brasil! Spread Love :*

just entered since my concert is next week! i hope you enjoy the cheesy that is me :)



@kat the contest has been called off, but i would look for the incugram contest they have going on through facebook and twitter. your video was awesome, btw!
Where exactly do I send my entry in?  Is there an email address?  Would love to do one for Wellington New Zealand :D
You can post a link here. The event, as in winning backstage passes, is called off like said above. You can still make one and share it with us however :)

I'm still trying for the Milwaukee MYF auction; but I'm wondering: is this contest is still going on....?



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