Share awesome moments/stories/pictures from HQ LIVE here!


I went to HQ yesterdy, july 1st, and was lucky enough to win the raffle for the private show. Here are some of my stories (i will probably just copy and paste from my tumblr because I am lazy).

Me and the Renman!

such a cool guy. Earlier in the day he took the paper toys i made and hopefully put them somewhere to decorate if not gave them to the guys (ill explain later how i got to talk to him). He also said that a few months ago he suggested playing Morning View in full and the guys were like, “nah” and he was very suprised when they told him they were gonna do it. He also said that it’s tough for brandon to come out and talk to lots of people the way Jose, Ben, and Kil do because he works hard to preserve his voice for the shows. Ren, as well as the rest of the crew and staff i met today, were so chill and personable.

oh also I took this pic like 1 second before the guys came out right next to us for the show


so I was on the HQ live chat at like 11:30pm or later on wednesday and a random crew guy [who i now know if the HQ Live director haha], Marc, got on and was like, “hey do you guys [there was maybe 8 people online and only 2 or so chatting] wanna tour of the HQ and meet the crew”. So i said yah! Marc gave me the headsup that friday was a good day to be going to HQ and that i should bring art to barter for merchandise.

When I got to HQ no one who worked there, including the merch girl (toni) knew what i was talking about but asked on of her helpers (jordano) to find Marc and he went to find him and introduced me and my friend to a nice Viddy worker (um…maryann? damn i forget) who took a vid of our If Not Now, When? moment. I saw Marc walking by and said hi  and he was like, "hey nice to meet you in person, did you make art?" So he got the intern introduce me to Rennie. Rennie talked to me and my friend for awhile and was like, “yah that merch bartering thing was marc’s idea and we could get you a free shirt but i would basically be paying for it.” So I said that it was cool, i didnt really want free merch but I wanted to make sure the band got the paper toys I made, or at least had them around HQ to decorate. I told him the only one that was really for a specific member was Einstein for Mikey so Ren walked over and put the toy on Mikes piano. And i ended up buying the above shirt with art by Jose, b/c its pretty.


I was lucky enough to win the raffle, but my friend was not, though  they did end up letting her and some people who waited in to the show eventually!


So as soon as i got let in for the show Ben was just chillin on the couch with maybe 1 person in front of me. I told him I didnt have anything cool to sign, just a small note book in my purse (thanks fieldnotes!) and i opened it to a random page. Ben noticed that i had a short list of books and asked me if he could add some suggestions to my list. Later when I got Kil’s autograph I asked him to add a book too.

the fountainhead
things fall apart

the story of karma (never heard of this, does he mean by edgar cayce?)


Other Highlights: that they played 5 songs i had never seen live (consequence, clean, i miss you, out from under, crowded elevator!; i pet what i assumed was Kilmore's beautiful dog for awhile when he was standing by me, mikey and brandon on the tiny kits during battlestar with the beard beanie, the short Trouble in 421 jam while brandon fixed his mic)


<--- my contribution to HQ Live


In summary, if you have a chance to go to HQ, do it! Every band member and part of the staff/crew I met was so incredibly sweet and personable (and attractive). Find other, mostly blurry, pictures and a handful of videos at My Tumblr


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Tom started a thread here on the 30th thats been working really well for the HQ pics and sharing    :]

oh yah i saw! So cool, but that seemed more for sharing media, even those recorded off the livestream site. I meant this thread to be more of a sharing and basking in the glow of the experience of being at HQ.

Sarahh (SHAFT!) said:

Tom started a thread here on the 30th thats been working really well for the HQ pics and sharing    :]



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