So Jesse Soest and I were thinking of what the set list would potentially be like on the upcoming tour. We did some research of the songs they played, the songs they haven't played in a while or for even a very long time. We took into consideration everything any fan would think and dream of. This is what we came up with. 20 songs that when made together could possibly be the next Incubus show you go to..provided they want to play any of these songs! Then it became something bigger. Some fans( Brittany Levine, Piotrek Niesluchowski) came up with an idea that, well for every song we picked in order they would donate $5 to MYF. So let's see what can come of this? The more songs right, the more charity money comes in. We encourage you also to make your own set lists and who knows..maybe the band will stop by and check it out. We hope so anyway...


1.Pendulous Threads

2.Anna Molly


4.If Not Now When


6.Pardon Me

7.Switch Blade


9.Zee Deveel

10.Look Alive



13.Friends And Lovers



16.In The Company Of Wolves

17.Are You In

18.Wish You Were Here

19.Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)

20.Tomorrow's Food

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Actually the charity of our choice is MYF, so.... :)
Man, I hope #17 happens.
pick a charity people! we're saving the world with music!
I think you may have too many new songs in there. I am too quick to judge however since I have not heard the album yet. You also forgot the best Incubus concert song: Vitamin!!! They do to the best jam down on that song! Awesome!!
no we thought of vitamin..but it has been played so much that they might not on this tour.And that's not a lot of songs Jessica..on their tours they usually do about 20 songs.

i really hope other people will join in this. it would be a fun way to help out a charity!


right now it's looking bleak brittany..but all we can do is hope. Raise some money for MYF.

very good idea!

wow, tomorrow's food for the a dream! :)


yeah it would be awesome to end the show on


AHH so perfect. now just add warning, talk shows and a certain shade of green for encore... ;)
Anybody down to still try this challenge? If not we'll take this down in a few days.



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