I have been a fan of incubus since I was a freshman in high school, which also happened to be the year make yourself came out.  I first fell in love with "a certain shade of green" and "deep inside", then moved on to love the entire make yourself album.  I could definitely dig morning view, ACLOTM and light grenades, but this new incubus has got me packing my things and running.  I hate to jump ship on a band I admire, but the new album sounds like it was written for teenage girls.  My question to all of you is, how long have you been an incubus fan?  I'm not sure there's many SCIENCE fans even in touch with incubus anymore...

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My friends and I have this discussion all the time so I definitely know what you're talking about here. I understand that Incubus has evolved as a band and have grown through the years to develop a more refined sense of musical taste. Trust me, I get it. What I don't get is their relationship with their fans (1) and their lack of fire and metal in their music (2).

Many people like to repeat what the boys say about their relationship with their fans. They have said and will always say that they make music for themselves. If people want to listen, they will listen. Okay, that's fine. But don't you think that these "people" are a little more than just stop and go music fans? If you want to go the monetary route, Incubus wouldn't have the equipment or ability to record music the way they do now if it weren't for all the money die hard fans have poured into their music. So for a fan to wonder what has happened to their favorite band is completely valid here. Incubus seems to do a lot to promote their albums, but they never stray off the beaten path. Their concert sets almost the exact same through the entire tour, always a promotional tour might I add, and they never spice things up anymore. Bands that love their fans go the extra mile to please. If you need an example, check out 311. Regardless of whether you like their music or not, they are a band that throws a show entirely for fans every year. 311 day!


As for the metal and fire, no offense to the guys but the music has grown soft. I guess that is the part of their music that will never be recovered, and unfortunately I have come to accept this a long time ago. Mike has evolved as a guitarist and I'm sure his studies at Harvard aided him in developing a different appreciation for music. Still, I can't understand why they don't just rock the fuck out once in a while. Is that not fun anymore? The band just doesn't like to see their fans in the pit going crazy? That, to me, is lame and annoying. I know my choice of language is simplistic there but there is no other way to put it. It's all soft to me.


Love this band, but they are like an ex girlfriend at this point. I've just grown to accept them for the direction they have chosen and wish them well, but I am not in love with the new you, Incubus. God speed.

I agree with you. I thought I was mistaken when I put the album in. It's well written music but it's certainly not what I enjoy about incubus. They will always be my favourite band but I don't think I can appreciate this album the way I appreciate Make Yourself or SCIENCE. Off morning view I probably like blood on the ground just because it helped me through a hard time dealing with people's b.s. this new album couldn't do that. It might make me more depressed.
I want to apologize to you, Ryan.  Who am I to say you don't have the right to NOT like something/anything!  Everyone changes as life goes on.  So, if you don't 'feel' the bands recent albums, that's your opinion.  This is a free country and we do have freedom of f****** speech!  Debbie  *Peace*

Debra Wilson said:
Have you heard the entire album?  I'm sorry, but you're not a 'true' fan, if you're ready to 'jump ship' because of one song(or album?) I have to say that there is not ONE song of theirs that I don't like!  And really, written for teenage girls????  Come on!  Yeah, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. IS  one of my favorite albums, as is ALL of their albums!  THis S.C.I.E.N.C.E. fan is definately in touch with incubus!  Forever!!

I have loved Incubus since I was a kid.  I definitely consider myself a huge S.C.I.E.N.C.E fan, but I also love the new album... along with every other album they've ever done! (I also loved Brandon's solo album)  They're consistently changing up their styles, trying new sounds/instruments/composition styles, etc. and I love it all!   


Nothing too profound about my answer, but in the end I have a ton of respect for all Incubus fans out there! 

I am confused/conflicted by INNW?  I appreciate it and like and will love it eventually (shortly) but admittedly it was not exactly what I was hoping for right now, personally. They’ve been my #1 band straight through going back SCIENCE.   Since LG's came out, I got married 3 years ago, bought a house 2 years ago, had my first child 7 months ago and I'm turning 40 in September so I'm trying to hold on to my youth as much as I can at the moment.  A more "mature" and "refined" Incubus is sort of a downer to me right now I guess and another reminder and symbol of myself getting older. I was hoping for a few more kick ass songs this summer for a small taste of youth again.  Strangely though, is that I actually feel more connected to the band now because of the album’s maturity and timing sort of eerily mirroring my own life.  Perhaps the album was meant for me through some cosmic force manifested through but unbeknownst to Incubus?  Wouldn't that be cool? 


Anyway - whatever, criticizing this album and comparing their earlier work would be like me holding a picture of my wife when she’s 20 old up to her when she’s 40 and then telling her she sucks because she doesn’t look, dress, or act like she’s 20 anymore.  Incubus will always be the best thing about music to me and the baby is crying so I’ve gotta go.  The wife and I will be there on Sept 4th rockin’ out at Jones Beach.  Been trying to convince the wife to let me try and sneak the baby in, but she's not going for it...  yet...   My favorite band at my favorite venue – it will be my 9th show and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 40th birthday.

totally agree, even when they did laid back songs on their other albums their was still an edge to them like "the warmth" comes to mind.  this new album is just way too soft.  they dj is invisible, the riffs are weak.im dissapointed.


At least incubus took a VERY LONG TIME to finally dissapoint me completely, i will give em credit for that :)

I am a big S.C.I.E.N.C.E. fan, and yet I admire and love If Not Now, When? I understand why it can turn people off who like older material. But is it really that surprising? From a band that after Morning View was released and they started on new material they completely went in an opposite direction. They could of easily could of made an album like Morning View, and sold out. They didn't and reinvented their sound in a way, no turn table scratching, Mike redefined the new sound with his stellar guitar play. And I loved it, not many did with that album either. And in my honest opinion, Incubus did not sell out they actually did something they've never done before. And in today's world of popular music, which the top 25 bullshit is garbage, real music and quality music these days are far and few inbetween, I admire them for doing what they feel they want to do and not what is expected to do. Because you know what that would make them? 311. Love their music but they've been making the same album for years now.

In addition, I respect what you say and understand. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. was bad ass, I loved the rock, the bass groves in the album. Glass is one of my favorite songs as well as redefine. But like I said I do understand, the way you feel about this album is the way I feel like the Red Hot Chili Peppers new album, it's just ehh. I think listening to that album made me appreciate If  Not Now, When? more because it was like, hey this is so much different. What I liked about the album is its song progression in the songs, a lot do not end the way they started.

I can relate to you completely, I love the rest of their album but the IFNNW so I haven't bought it yet but I'm thinking maybe it will grow on me,but I am still and will always be Incubus fan.

Being from overseas, I only knew them when they went mainstream as I always used to see them on MTV because when I was a teen, I always watched MTV, not anymore. 

I first love Incubus because my older brother has an alternative cds with the likes of blind melon, RHCP and Incubus' drive and I kept on playing drive over and over again and I was like the singer voice is so super super nice and when I watch them on MTV, he even look hotter than his voice performing "Nice to know you" live. Anyway, Brandon reminds me of that guy from RHCP I love Anthony Kadis and yeah Incubus, at first sound like RHCP rip off. They look and sound alike. I checked them out on youtube and instantly like their pre-mainstream days SCIENCE and Fungus Amongus, metal which I'm into being a teenager from the '90's. And I'll always be a '90's kid. And Incubus perform better live unlike any other band. And that's why I'm not digging this recent album, like hello all I hear from musicians nowadays is crap, I swear, they should bring back the golden era of rap metal, britpop and Incubus fungus amongus days  lol jk.

I actually think that Incubus is one the most underrated bands in the universe. They move through their body of work with a fluid progression not seen in a band since the 60's and 70's. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. fans aren't running away, they are standing still. Catch up bro......and don't be afraid to grow. Peace.

Chris, you nailed that one!  Incubus is absolutely so underrated!  I try to spread the word, but some ppl are hard headed!  I will always LOVE them!   To the ends of the universe!

I've been an incubus fan since I was 15, which was in 2000. I also think that was the height of their career. But I was introduced to them as early as 1998. I used to live in New Mexico, but moving back to Cali when I was twelve, my older cousins introduced me to a lot of up and coming so cal bands. One of them was Incubus. So yeah I remember science, and I love the album, part of that love is the memories I had during the time I'd listen to it.

   But as far as the New album, "if not know when", I'd say it's not my favorite incubus record, but depending on my mood upon listen, some of the songs in the album have a resonating effect with me. But will incubus ever be the band that they were in the make yourself, morning view era? I don't think so. All bands have a rise, mountain top, and eventual fall. I guess we should all be thankful that there was a mountain top, which for me was mainly morning view, and also make yourself. But i have love for all era's of their music. Part of the change is in me. I've changed, lives have changed, so the music will never be the same.



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