I have been a fan of incubus since I was a freshman in high school, which also happened to be the year make yourself came out.  I first fell in love with "a certain shade of green" and "deep inside", then moved on to love the entire make yourself album.  I could definitely dig morning view, ACLOTM and light grenades, but this new incubus has got me packing my things and running.  I hate to jump ship on a band I admire, but the new album sounds like it was written for teenage girls.  My question to all of you is, how long have you been an incubus fan?  I'm not sure there's many SCIENCE fans even in touch with incubus anymore...

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The first record I ever bought was S.C.I.E.N.C.E., back when I was 7 years old. I loved every song on that album, My favorites were, like you, "A Cartain Shade of Green", "Deep Inside", and "Summer Romance". I've bought every album after that, and they are the only CD's I keep in my car (I like hard copies). I have not disliked one album (certain songs, yes, like "Oil and Water") and In my opinion, they have just gotten better. Make Yourself was their most explosive album, and I love listening to it when I want something harder, especially "Make Yourself" and "When it Comes". Morning View was kind of a a step forward and a step backward at the same time; the album is one of their weaker ones for me (didn't really like "Are You In") I think ACLOTM was their best album overall, since there was not a song on there that I didn't like in it's entirety. Light Grenades had its highs and lows, I already mentioned "Oil and Water", but in contrast to that I think "Pendulous Threads" is Incubus's best song to date. As for If Not Now, When? I've only heard "Adolescents" (I refuse to pirate it, and "Surface to Air" didn't make it) so I can't say much, but I really liked it (my ringtone now). I have really enjoyed listening to Incubus grow. Since I don't have the evidence to support or refute your point, I won't say anything. I will say this, one "bad" (massive quotation marks) album is not enough to make me give up on Incubus, especially when they have such a strong discography behind them. I will still be listening to Incubus when I'm making trips from Chicago to Columbus (6 hours) to visit family, even if this new album turns out to be Mike and Brandon farting into Mics for a few hours and adding effects while whining about pimply-faced high school boys not loving them despite their Anorexia.


Peace and love.



I started listening around the era of Make Yourself. At the time, I was just getting into music and my tastes were less refined (only enjoy hard rock). Incubus was a taste of something different than the usual Staind or Creed.

I started to not enjoy that type of music as much. Looking for something a little more interesting, varied. Thats about the time that Morning View came along. It was groovy at times, calm at others. It really was an interesting album.

And so it goes with each release: ACLOTM, Light Grenades that my music horizon was thoroughly changing and so was the band's sound.  They've been pretty darn parallel thus far.

I'm really less into hard rock and more into something a little more subtle. Something Deep. Something Varied. Something Amazing. I hope If Not Now, When will have those qualities.

PS: Something for little girls? Huh? Does it sound like justin bieber, or are you saying it's just not hard enough? 

Have you heard the entire album?  I'm sorry, but you're not a 'true' fan, if you're ready to 'jump ship' because of one song(or album?) I have to say that there is not ONE song of theirs that I don't like!  And really, written for teenage girls????  Come on!  Yeah, S.C.I.E.N.C.E. IS  one of my favorite albums, as is ALL of their albums!  THis S.C.I.E.N.C.E. fan is definately in touch with incubus!  Forever!!
I've mentioned it before, the most beautiful thing about Incubus is that their music is about the journey and telling a story along the way. There are certainly peaks and valleys. There always will be. But you have to wonder, what in the hell did they do this time? I mean, no 2 records are the same. Even with how close ACLOTM and LG sound, there is definite evolution. There aren't many bands who consistently take their supporters on a ride like this. Compare to the discography of Radiohead and Metallica. I know a lot of people want harder stuff from Incubus, but I feel (and could be completely wrong at some point) that they have done hard and heavy in the way that they will, and going back would be redundant for them. I love Incubus and will be a lifetime fan!

what album?


Hmmm I understand where you're coming from, but it has never applied to me with Incubus.

As for me, I've always loved how Incubus has evolved from album to album. I first fell in love with them through Make Yourself. Then moved on with Morning View. Wasn't that much of a fan at first with ACLOTM and at that time, I still haven't decided on focusing or wanting SCIENCE. Then eventually, I allowed my self to listen to the older album and the current album and realized that I love it too. I mean, I have my favorites and my not so favorites. But I suppose, their music, how it appealed to me, goes with the time frame of my life. I don't wanna imply that just because they're Incubus, I should allow myself to give them a chance just in case I don't like it at first. What I want to imply is that, Incubus, as a band, as an artist, creates music that appeals to them at that point that they make it. It comes with their age, their growth, as an individual, as a person, as an artist. I mean for example, there's a kid who prefers to listen to the songs of Barney's, then most likely SCIENCE won't appeal that much to him. But probably, when he reaches that point in his life where his in his teenage years or in his 20s, then SCIENCE would appeal that much or probably Make Yourself.

I mean, sometimes, the way we dig music comes with the way we are feeling. Our choice of songs depends on the different stages of our lives. Some Incubus songs that did not appeal to me before appeals more to me now. Incubus has chosen this direction of music because that is what feels right to them at this point. You don't have to be forced to listen to the current album if you don't feel like it. SCIENCE will always be SCIENCE. And their classics will remain at their best and will always have a spot in our taste until we want them to. The new album may be way too different (fyi I haven't heard it yet so I am basing on what I've read so far) from their older albums, or from your own musical preference. So, I guess, it's either you take it or you don't. It's not like you are the one in control of what they feel like writing. Incubus said that this is their best work yet and their proudest, and it's either we accept it the way it is or we don't. Again I say, musical preference and time.

In my opinion, SCIENCE fans who ran off in whatever timeline of Incubus is a fan of that particular album only and not the band as a whole. So, it's their call. They are into that genre/type of music only. They're into SCIENCE and it's alike and that type of music. If they decide to run off now coz they don't like them anymore, then that's probably the best thing to do.

But for me, I am a fan of Incubus. I am a fan of how they change, of how they evolve, and their lyrics. Given the fact that it is INCUBUS, they've always settled for change, and that is what is constant for them. Change, growth, difference. And somehow, the timeline of their Album has matched the timeline of my life. They've changed and so have I.

I'm pretty much in the same boat as the others responders here. I love every single Incubus album, no matter what genre-label you could  put on it. I love the specific sound and feel of Incubus-ness that they put into everything they do.

I don't know, maybe I just appreciate the same kind of aesthetic taste as they, because I haven't yet seen/heard anything of theirs that I don't like at all. I love the way they evolve and grow and do new things.. love the old, love the new.

Debra Wilson said:

Have you heard the entire album?  I'm sorry, but you're not a 'true' fan, if you're ready to 'jump ship' because of one song(or album?) I have to say that there is not ONE song of theirs that I don't like!

I absolutely despise the term "true fan", but yeah it is kind of weak to give up on the band after making one album that you dislike. However, saying "there's not one song that I dislike", does that make you a "true fan"? Does liking everything a band does constitute a "true fan" or a uncritical drone? No offense.



I'm not a big fan of INNW either, but I'll wait for the next effort to give up. There will always be the period of 1995-2006 which gave me a bunch of good albums, but I was expecting a bit more. And while you may not have put it so delicately, I agree that some of the songs are a bit too much cuddle-rock. But that's a path the band went down on ever since Morning View. The thing is, to me the new songs are just not of the same standard as the songs they've written in the past. There's no song on the new album of the same standard as 11am, Just A Phase or Dig. I hoped for the band to make another Morning View (meaning: an album of the same standard and stature, not the same sound per say), but it didn't deliver. But who knows, they might do better for me on the next album. I remember everybody gave up on Metallica after St. Anger, but with Death Magnetic they redeemed themselves quite a bit (a lot more if the production would've been better).

Gonna have to disagree about Death Magnetic. I don't really like it. But then again (reminded myself of 11am, and how much I love that song) I was never really a big fan of Metallica, because I don't like 8 minute songs that don't vary much in tempo or sound. Some songs, yeah, but I think "Speak Free" & "Psychopsilocibin" are better than anything Metallica put out in that era.
It was just an example of a band redeeming themselves (maybe not for you in this case), that's all it meant. Writing a band of because of one album is a bit premature, INNW might not be your taste, but that doesn't mean the next album will be the same. I didn't compare Metallica to Incubus, or Death Magnetic to anything Incubus has ever done, it's just an example.
Gotcha. Yeah, I agree. That's the nice thing about Incubus, every album is different, and no two songs are the same. Kinda like RHCP, but better.

Nah, it's Morning View that sounds like it was written for teenage girls. This album sounds like it's written for women in their mid 20's/early 30's, MUUUCH diiferent!


but the new album sounds like it was written for teenage girls.



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