This is a game to put a rock star against a rock star.......current or past.  Choose the one between the two you like most and then battle them against one of your choice.

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Queens Of The Stone Age VS Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots   vs   Megadeth


Gabriel, did you hear STP members fired Scott?

Yes, I did. When I read about that, I thought it was a lie. Is it true? I can't believe it.

STP VS Temple Of The Dog

yep, it appears so.  i subscribe to "Loudwire" where they've been keeping pretty good tabs on what's going on.  seems Scott is still in belief that they can't fire him, but i gotta feeling.....even though he stated it was in their contract that no one could get fired in the band. we'll see what happens!?!


good challenge:  STP  vs  G & R

If you have some info about that, please tell me. I want to know what will happen.

Tough one!

G & R VS Metallica

G & R   vs  Motley Crue

G & R VS L.A. Guns


 G & R   vs  Slash

Hi Devin, thanks for playing.....and come back soon! :)

G & R VS Queen

G & R  vs  Whitesnake



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