This is a game to put a rock star against a rock star.......current or past.  Choose the one between the two you like most and then battle them against one of your choice.

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Kurt Cobain  vs  Slash

Love your game, Beth!

Slash VS Santana

Thanks.....memories :)

tough one, real tough

Santana vs Rick Deringer

Santana VS Steve Vai

Santana  vs  Jefferson Airplane

Santana vs Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band  vs  Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins VS Depeche Mode

aaahhh good one

Depeche Mode  vs  Inxs



INXS VS Duran Duran

Inxs  vs  Oasis

Hellooooooo....anyone out there named Gabriel?? :D



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