Listen to Steve Rennie's thoughts on the outdated idea of an entire album as well as other comments on his end from 29:02 to 36:16. 

Here's the key Renman quote... 

Whether you make an LP or an album today, it's a conversation that I have been having with Brandon Boyd and the guys in Incubus. Do you store up all your nuts to make an album or an EP now knowing full well that you're going to put out that album and people are gonna judge you by one or two songs and if the judgement doesn't go your way, you're out of business effectively or you're certainly starting from scratch

What do you guys think? Do you think it's a possibility that Incubus takes a different route next time around and actually considers putting out singles or even an EP instead of going their usual album route?

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I think Singles and Ep and Albums just go hand in hand. Some musicians can benefit from all 3 or just one. It is always important to understand the market at the time. Ren is hitting everything right on the spot and has the experience to know when and how to take action on something. I dont think it necessarily means that Incubus will take one route, being out of business can happen to anyone. However, I think it will take a lot more for a band like Incubus to go through that. Their fan base is not only huge but is loyal to the band and as a fan that's been with them for about 13 years i have to say they have only been growing more and more. Now that Incubus is on their own i think they have more control over the way they DRIVE (<get it haha) and how they handle their whole projection.

With that said...

If the Band wants to take a little longer to produce albums and have a even more incredible album then i believe that Singles or EP would work for them. At least meanwhile they release the album. But heck.. if they want to do everything in a short period of time then WELCOME! haha.

hmm. good question. I've grown accustomed to full length albums. It's my opinion that albums are a gift that must be given as a total package. If you went to a musical but it was in segments. You went to the first performance and they played two songs, then you had to wait 4 months to hear another one. that would feel incomplete. I think that putting out an album is like putting out an experience. each song is different but they all complement each other. this is especially true on the Morning View album. It was the total package, Like burger fries and a coke.

But if that's the road that Incubus takes I'll be more than happy to buy their songs individually.


I have to agree with you about full length albums! There are a few bands out there that have been talking about selling the music by singles instead of full length cds. It helps when people only like one or two songs and do not want to buy the whole cd. However, when a band puts out an awesome CD that rocks from beginning to end (for example... INCUBUS), then you HAVE TO buy a full length album. ;)

Not many bands can make me feel alive the way an Incubus album does. :)

However, if Incubus does decide to go in a another direction I will also follow.



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