DJ Kilmore (aka Chris Kilmore) will be joining us here at the INCUBUS World HQ on this Thursday at 3P PST for our first live vidchat on the HQ TV. We will set up a Forum topic where folks can post questions in advance. Or, you can just come on by to the chat room at 3P and ask your questions there. You might also want to sign up for a Skype account if you don't already have one. We may just give you a call and put you on live with Kil. Should be fun. Hope you can join us.

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Question for chris:


Are you able to give any insight to what instruments you used most on the new album?


Such as electric piano, scratches, moogs, organ, etc...

My 2 questions for Chris are:

are you planning to make a solo album like Brandon, Mike and Ben did?? that would be awsome :)

and... how old are your dreadlocks?? :)

How was to play in a disco in Venezuela ? Did you feel the warm of venezuelan persons ? did you enjoy this ? and if you want to come back to do some show as a Dj  ? like a solo presentation ?

Hi Chris: Im nqbus from Philippines, just wanna ask on how you'll describe the band's latest music/songs..

  • What words would you use to describe the album?
  • What are the memories that you see on the head when he remembers a gig inPortugal?

1-what drives you to keep making amazing music? what keeps you grounded?

2-What would you be (what job would you have) if you weren't and Incubus member or musician?

3-what do you feel is more rewarding in what you do?

4-what personal plans do you have 10 years from now? Is there anything you have left to do with your life?

Hey Kil, what's your favorite memory from recording the new album?

Hey Chris. How would yourself and Steve like to join me for a game of golf when you're next in Australia? haha :D

I don't really have any other questions sadly enough...


Do you guys really love what you do? haha i ask this only cause of fear of seperation, i mean i want to be able to see you guys live till im 30. :)


And also would Incubus be willing to do a cover of Under Pressure by Queen?? I think itd be awesome

¿What were your feelings on this new album?


¿You think it's best album?


¿What do you think of Venezuela?

Would you consider doing a Nine Inch Nails cover?
if you have to choose a song to play over and over for the rest of your life, it will be.....????



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