This April 13 Ben Kenney will be with us in the 2nd  Live VideoChat to answer the questions you always wanted to know ... Exclusively on at 3:00 PM ( PST ) What are you waiting for? ... if not now, when?

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Hey Ben,

You said that by playing with The Roots you had gained confidence in your abilities and competence as a musician.  My question is, what have you learned throughout your involvement in Incubus?

Thanks :)


Hi Ben, I was wondering where the inspiration for the solo on "Rubber Sheets" came from and what guitar you used as I'm loving the use of the trem arm in it!





Do you have any finger exercises you use before playing bass? or to strengthen your fingers?


I can barely play the whole of Look Alive as my fingers start to ache so badly!!


Thanks, peace.

What is the most that you like and hate on an interview?
When you were asked to join the guys, what went through your mind?

Will Time lapse consortium make new music?

What was your gear for the recording of the new album?

Do you have any musicman bass?

When did you know that music was going to be your career?

Who are your influences as a bassist?

:D Okay my questions for Ben are: 

1) How do you fell when people said that you brought a new sound to incubus when you join the band?

2) Which is your favorite camera to take pictures?? ( i want to take pictures with you sometime :D )

3)Are you going to record another solo album??

4)Which is your favourite Incubus album?

5)If you have to choose just one album to hear it for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

6) How do you came up with the names for your solo albums??

7)What's your favourite color?

8) Could you please think of a name for my new dog?? hahahah :D


By the way, I admire you soooooo much BEN! 

Dear Mr. Kenney, biggest fan of incubus in all of Reno, Nevada. Guaranteed! I have many questions of course, but i'll ask this one/two. I was wondering if we'll hear songs from the B-side of "Monuments And Melodies" in this upcoming tour, and also will we the fans be treated with some more new acoustic remix's?

what is your favorite song of "Burn the tapes" and why???... Mine is "Worlds collide"

10 years ago, did you picture yourself where you are now?

When you were a child, what was your dream profession? Has that vision changed?

Thanks so much for being part of our dream.

Ben, tell us exactly how you felt when you were asked to join the band. Were you a fan of Incubus before and have you really listened to the band before joining? Tell us tell us. =D



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