This April 13 Ben Kenney will be with us in the 2nd  Live VideoChat to answer the questions you always wanted to know ... Exclusively on at 3:00 PM ( PST ) What are you waiting for? ... if not now, when?

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i want to know the same!!!

Alan Price said:
-Why wasn't 'Get Time' on Burn The Tapes and will you be releasing any other B sides or unused tracks in the future before the next solo album?!
Since playing with Incubus, how have the other musicians in the group influenced your personal musical style? Also, I love you.
Tell us when was the last time you looked around you, and thought: " And in this moment I am happy ..."
 How, where, when?
I'd like to ask him if they knew about concentration camp deportee (italian) writer Primo Levi, who wrote a book named just like their new album!

Hey Ben, since you arrived to Incubus it has been an extremely awesome era for the band. You are one of the most talented bass players of all times, not to be a bootlicker, but you are. Are you responsable for many of the songs?, I mean in the process of writing the music? did you came up with a riff or some chords and present them to the guys and they continue from there or how it is?

It would be great if you could explain the composing process of Incubus.




Hows the album art coming ????????


HI Ben,

           hope your having a great day on this video chat,i love the song "Girl" man its awesome i was wondering where did the inspiration came from in writing that song??? and a silly but real question, did you but a baby in your girlfriend =D not joses right?? lol your funny man well just wanna say to you and the band thxs for making the awesome music you make and giving so much to us(your fans) Incubus Fan In Arizona ,Mikey Flores

Hey Ben,

As a bass player, you are one of my biggest influences and I was curious: what types of basses did you use on the new album?

Also, did you play mainly finger-style, pick-style, slap-style, etc?

Are there any songs in which you played other instruments?

Thanks for you time!

who influences your bass playing?
Do you guys have any plans of playing another small club tour like you did in 2007?

What does the future hold for both yourself and the band? What do you strive towards? What makes you tick?

Wazzaaaaaa,ok my questions for Ben are...


The same one i asked Chris....

'What one Incubus song would you choose to be remembered by and why?'


and a silly one which is....


'have any of you ever fancied the same girl? and if so how did you resolve it?? ;-) '








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