This April 13 Ben Kenney will be with us in the 2nd  Live VideoChat to answer the questions you always wanted to know ... Exclusively on at 3:00 PM ( PST ) What are you waiting for? ... if not now, when?

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I know that you play different instruments. Can you tell us about how you end up playing so many? (curiosity, experimentations, etc..). OH! Can you name one instrument that you eagerly dream to play? 

Will you ever play before an Incubus show as an opening act? Or do u want to keep it separated?
How much can you bench?
Why is my ghetto crush order taking so long? how often do you shave your head? when can i pet bapu?
Hi Ben! What is your favorite instrument to play (including your voice)?
I wish there was a way to thumbs up the questions most people like. For example, Clarissa has an amazingly good question I'm sure many people would love to hear ben answer. Oh and @Jimmy Moon, he's mentioned before in a few interviews that he started out on drums and so of course he's partial to them.
So could Ben join us in a Wazaa contest during the videochat ?
Or eneryone just inro their call with Waaazaaaaaaaaa, would suffice, i would laugh so hard if someone would do it
Have You ever considered taking chance in singing with Incubus? I mean not to steal Brandon's job but for example doing the lead vocals for the one song. I am asking because as far as I've seen, you're doing it great (thumbs up for Eulogy and Fluorescent Yellow)!
I want to know if Ben ever misses playing with the Roots.

do you have any "kabbalah" before play in a concert (by solo or w/incubus)???....



I hope he read this one :( haha... BEEEEN what has been your worst, funniest and weirdest experience with fans or in general while giving a concert? Greetings from Venezuela ;)



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