I enjoy so much about what incubus is about. Their music is amazing and I can see they put much work into it. Their lyrics precede most other bands and that another reason why I look up to them. I have a few problems. One of the questions I was asked before becoming a member was how many concerts I have attended. I don't know much about my fellow fans but I am a single mother and all of my money goes to bills and whatnot so I cannot afford a concert. Don't get me wrong my dream is to have incubus as my first concert because I love everything they stand for. Also, I had an account before I made this one but I could not remember my username or password because I went a very long while without internet, or any type of communication with the outside world, for a while. I am ashamed to say it but I was poor. The only thing that got me by was my guitar and my voice. I do not understand why it takes so much to prove I would like to be a part of the "incubus community" when a few years back you would need an e-mail and password. Could someone explain this to me?
I do not mind but inquiring minds would like to know. I am one of them :) and it irks me. I do not address the band because there is no way to do so and if there was I am sure they would have their hands full with thousands of interactions a day. So I ask the fans, what happened here and what did I miss?
Thank you very much for your answers before hand. I hope to interact more with this society that can come together and realize we have one thing in common. Music.

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Hi Jessica,

I'm not quite sure what you mean by how it takes 'so much' to prove you want to be a part of the community? Are you referring to how blog and forum posts currently need approval? If so, that's an unfortunate by-product of how many spammers we're getting lately. There are a lot of automated spam-prevention measures on the site but they don't catch all the spammers and sometimes these things can get really out of control. Unfortunately the ones that get past the captcha and sign-in quiz have to be removed manually, and I'm not here all the time, although I do my best to get to content moderation as quickly as possible.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Hi Lauren,
     Thank you for your response but I don't believe there's anything else to help with. Truth be told I was in a horrible mood the morning I wrote this post. A million things were going wrong. I was upset because when I signing up one of the questions was about incubus' latest album. I understand most fans would have no problem answering this I just found it to be a lengthy proccess because my patience was worn thin at the time. Looking back on it, I don't have much of a problem with it.
Thank you again for the response!


Jessica :)

Hi Jessica :)

For starters..

Incubus finished their 'Honda Civic' tour with Linkin Park in 2012.

Brandon Boyd will be releasing his 2nd album + finishing up on his latest book.

Jose Pasillas has his own Youtube channel now - Subscribe! :) - here: Jose Pasillas Youtube Channel

Mike Einziger did a really neat track with Odd Future, entitled 'Give It Time': https://soundcloud.com/ofwgkta-official/give-it-time

I think Lauren described it well with regard to the "road checks" when you're posting entries or even the 'Captcha' system. Spam increases with the growth of the site.

Thank you for your sharing your concerns with us!

- sketchwish



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