The tour is coming up friends and hopefully there will be a lot of talking and writing about the soon to be released Album If not now,when?. This thread is meant to collect all the links worldwide where Anything Incubus has been covered the past weeks and will be covered in the future. 


Not only is it interesting to see how different the views are culturally and between nations, but also how the media landscape will change in time.


So, let's start an archive for every one to access and read whenever wanted.

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Entrevista com Mike / Mike's Interview - Ultimate Guitar


There was a small interview in Rocksound magazine this month:


If Not Now, When? Incubus return with new album and UK touring plans

"No! and I will happily and proudly say that," laughed Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd when Rock Sound asked whether recent single 'Adolescents' was a good indication of what to expect from the band's forthcoming album, 'If Not Now, When?'. "We've done a pretty good job of surprising [people]! I think it's mostly unconscious; I don't think that we necessarily intend on - not even misleading people, it's just that every song we write is its own little universe. It does sound attached to the record, though."

So if 'Adolescents' isn't a fair representation of what the album sounds like, what is?

"When I listen to the album as a piece, the track 'Switchblade' and 'Adolescents' almost become essential in their departure from their general vibration. I'd say the rest of the record is quite slow, moody and evokes a lot of different images and emotions. 'In The Company Of Wolves' I would put amongst the guiding lights of the album. I think that might be one of my favourite songs we've ever written."

And, like all album cycles, a new record means hitting the road. With European festivals announced over the summer when can we expect the Calabasas quintet on our shores?

"I think there's a good possibility that we might come to London and do a small-ish type show just for shits and giggles," revealed Boyd. "I know everyone in the band has definitely expressed an interest in heading to London and doing a one night stand type of thing. Oh, and then we'll be back to do a proper tour later."

What's that we hear? The sound of a million hearts melting?

The album 'If Not Now, When?' is released on July 11 on Columbia.



New Interview can be found here:

CNN Footage for Video Shoot of Incubus.





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