Do you set out to achieve something that communicates and really speaks to its viewer and sends a message across or is it more experimental, expressing yourself subconsciously?

It is very much creative expression, with kind of a peripheral knowledge that people might get it, so that influences it a little bit but I try to keep that influence at bay because I’m not actually trying to create work that I know people are going to like. I know it’s going to be representative of the truth for me in that moment and time, which is why I almost exclusively freehand draw, much of what you don’t see in the book are all the shit freehand drawings.

You should have a part two!

I know, the stuff that didn’t make the cut? Like the demos! But yeah, I draw because I love to draw, I paint pictures, take pictures and make music because I love to do all those things, they make me feel like I’m walking with the wind, like I’m doing the right thing. It’s a weird and wonderful blessing that people have seemed to enjoy things that I like to do, they like to listen to or look at the things I like to do, and there are points where I have that realization where I see how lucky I am. It’s something that I don’t mind talking about because I see how fortunate I am to get to do what I love to do.

Is that quite rare in your line of work? Do you think that people really kind of appreciate that moment that they’re in?

I’m not sure. I know that it’s rare for people to have a job that they truly love, ’cause I’ve had jobs that I did not love, so having been on the other side of it, there are times when I’m having a problem with something, a picture or a song that I’m writing, and I’m like ‘shit..dammit...this is not working’ and then I’m like ‘ahh these are amazing problems to have!’ ‘What t shirt do I wear when I go on stage tonight?!’ That’s when I destroy the dressing room *laughs*

Is there anything you would like to be able to draw that you struggle with at the moment?

God, yes! I’m only just getting started with all things art. I’m really just discovering my singing voice! I started taking lessons like 6 months ago for the first time. It’s been a real trip to be learning how much I don’t know about singing, something I’ve been doing for most of my adult life. I’ve studied drawing a little bit, like life drawings, I can draw a person quite well, male or female, various shapes and sizes, and it’s an amazing exercise for any artist to l earn how to do that , it keeps you really sharp. 

Isn’t that the hardest thing to draw? People?

Yeah, it’s very difficult. That’s why if you continue to do it your art just keeps getting wider and wider. I’d very much like to get better at drawing people’s faces with accuracy, contours of muscles things like that. I find that human beings, our bodies are completely fascinating. The variation in them, that there’s an infinite number of combinations we can get involved in when trying to replicate them.

Do you think social conditioning and personal upbringing has an effect on the way we listen to music?

Yes. Unequivocally. We’re mostly products of our environment. I think that there’s something to be said for your genetic predispositions and things like that, we have predilections perhaps, but for the most part I think that we are an animal that’s highly adaptive. And it’s one of the most amazing things about us, but also one of the most interesting in that we can get used to some really weird shit. We can make some very strange conditions ‘normal’ and how we live right now, where we live, and what we say and do to each other is a perfect example of that, we’re at a really exciting time in history, technologically, but mostly culturally, we’re at a crossroads, and if we continue the way we are, we’re going to wipe ourselves out. It’s kind of a scientific fact at this point, that if we kept going like this (draws a straight line with his hands) we won’t exist in a few generations. And what’s so interesting about us, is that most of us know that, people are like ‘Ah, what do I do?!’ we know exactly what to do. We’re just unwilling until it gets right to the very edge, and what’s really interesting about existence is that is usually when something happens. ‘Cause we’re not going to do it on our own, something that knocks us, back into a forced adaptation that will force us away from the direction we’re going in. Yeah...what was the question again? (laughs)

What memorable responses have you had to your work as a musician and as an artist?

I think probably one of the most memorable would be the fact that people sing at our concerts, they sing back to us, it never gets old. That situation I never in my wildest dreams anticipated that, and still to this day when I’m writing lyrics and I’m like this (puts head in hands) in my house writing stuff down, and trying to be honest and trying to explore emotions and variable truths, you never expect or anticipate that people are going to resonate with it, or sing it on the top of their lungs back at you.

So in that respect, is there a favourite song you like to be sung at you from the crowd?

No,it doesn’t matter. It is honestly one of the weirdest and coolest experiences ever. I think one of the rawest things about it is, I have the desire to sort of loose myself in the experience of playing music live. When we play in front of audiences that aren’t there for us, like at a bigger festival, there’s not as much of that kind of response, and it’s fun, but in a different way. It’s a little bit more ‘we’re performing and you’re watching’, but then you get those situations where the entire audience is singing at the top of their lungs with you and at the point, the reason it’s so weird and wonderful is because it almost doesn’t matter that we’re there on stage, everything just sort of mushes together and becomes this weird, love feedback, and I stop thinking. It’s amazing. Music is a potentially really powerful medium. I’ve had some really emotional, powerful experiences at concerts when I was young, and even recently. I saw Bjork 7 or 8 months ago, and I hadn’t seen her in over a decade, and I’ve always loved what she’s done, she was so good, just as good as when I saw her when I was 17. And I saw Dead Can Dance. It was also the Hollywood Bowl, and I don’t know why, but it was like ‘Yeah! We’re going to a concert and gonna have a good time’ and this woman comes out to sing and you start crying... “like why am I crying!”.

Naturally, a lot of your lyrics are about love. Throughout my life those lyrics resonated with me and helped me out, I'm sure most of your fans can say the same. What’s your opinion on love? Are there different types? Can we separate love from infatuation? Are there any qualifiers to make love “true” rather than “fake”?

Really interesting question..In my deepest intent, I am intending on learning to see love in everything. From the most mundane to the most profound to violence, to everything, I think that there’s a potential to see love and experience love in every situation. But, the kind of love we’re talking about, that’s more like spiritual love. So I think there should perhaps be a distinction between lust and love. I think that there are many different kinds of love. I also think that we have, culturally speaking, placed some really unfair, though interesting, but unfair rules and expectations and a result have shackles on love, and some of it has to do with religion, some of it has to do with long held cultural biases, but I think one of the things that is attempting to change, culturally is the sort of taking off of our collective blinders, they’re kind of peeling back a bit. And I’m not sure where it stands here in the UK, but in America, the “hot” political debate is gay rights. 

*Sigh* Still!

Yeah still! And to many of us who come from a different generation, it’s almost comical that they’re arguing with the veracity that they’re arguing about it, it’s like most of us can’t believe that they’re still arguing on whether or not people have the right to love each other and express it in the way that they want to, it’s ridiculous. It’s a civil right, it’s a human right to love someone, whoever or whatever you want to love. 

Think we’ll all get there in the end though, right?

We have to. There’s no other way to but go up, in this regard. But, I think that once this conversation starts to become more normal in the US and other places, because there are lots of places that, they still put people to death, it’s insane. There’s a lot more to talk about even after that.

Any plans for Sons Of The to tour the UK?
Yes. Hopefully soon!

The question everyone wants to know..You said recently in another interview that Incubus will be back in 2015, what can we expect?

Yes, we’re hoping to! We don’t exactly know the format of what it’s going to look like, as far as whether it’s going to be a full album or a series of EPS, our intent, not making any plans yet, but our intent is to get together the beginning of next year!