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We wanted to start this thread so you guys can be notified of fan pre-sales when we announce them. Here's the deal - we have a system in place whereby we will notify our regional groups of fan pre-sales in their area FIRST. Then, after a day we will update this thread with news of the pre-sale, just in-case there is anyone that hasn't heard about it yet that still wanted to get in on the action. We will also update the tour date event page on the site with the information. Keep in mind these pre-sales are for the FANS, but they're not ONLY for HQ members - we will just be notifying you guys about them FIRST as gratitude for your support. SO, feel free to share the pre-sale info on other incubus websites, tell all your friends, get the info out anywhere you feel like other fans will be looking for it.


With all that said, here is the first US fan pre-sale, for our August 5th show in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Pre-Sale Link: http://fla.vor.us/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=99336

Password: Hawaii

Event Page Link: http://incubushq.com/events/incubus-in-concerthonolulu-hi


Thats all for now, but we'll be posting more soon, so keep checking and remember, you'll hear about it FIRST if you're in a group, so make sure you're a member of one and be on the lookout for messages from the HQ!

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Pre-Sale info for Pittsburgh show @ Stage AE has just been posted! It is up on the Pittsburgh & Pennsylvania group pages.
Thank you!
When will the SF (Shoreline) date be up??
will you be mailing the code on the 20th for the miami show? I know our pre sale is on june 21st...9 days from today!!!!!
When will we know about presale codes for the Atlana show?
As stated before folks..all presale dates are 2 days before the ticket sale to the general public..unless there is a presale by the promoter then there will be one 2 days before that. Our tickets here in Vegas went on sale saturday..the aeg presale was on thursday and the hq presale for us was on tuesday. Just be signed up to your local groups (whether it be by city or state) to receive those announcements.
Pardon my ignorance but what was the benefit of pre ordering the album for the pre sale code when we get a code for being a member on here?

Not everyone is a member of the HQ..and actually now if you want to be a member you need to be invited by someone who already is a member ... so its sort of :elite: so to speak... so we get the benefit of getting a code 


however, to allow members of the general public to still be able to participate in a presale they can buy the cd to get a code.... 


At least that is my guess... I did both too though thinking they were differnt.. the way I see it is now I can do multiple codes if needed... 


Nate King said:

Pardon my ignorance but what was the benefit of pre ordering the album for the pre sale code when we get a code for being a member on here?

I didn't get any info About DC101 Chili Cook off :(

You should have if you had RSVP'd to the event; unfortunately this topic is antiquated, I'll be moving it to the archive now to prevent future confusion.



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