Hi, I'm sorry, I didn't find a better place to post this, but I wanted to express my sadness that we can't  order Incubus music to Estonia. We can't pre-order the new album (or anything for that matter) from the Incubus Store - although all our neighbouring countries like Finland, Latvia and Sweden can. I wanted to order some other stuff what they don't sell in record stores here from there too, but I can't. So, okay, I thought I'll just buy Adolescents from iTunes store - but Incubus is not even in the Estonian iTunes store ... that's just incredibly sad.


There are a lot of Incubus fans here. Is it possible, that you can make it available for us to buy online at some point?

Love you.

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I'm shure ren will try to make it avaiable in your country
That would be so amazing..
there are more than two months to go. you should tell this to renman on a morning briefing. they are still working in making the album avaiable worldwide. for example in australia they can preorder the vinyl, but not the cd.



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