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On the page is a poll/question about what we fans would want to see from SCIENCE. They ask for 2 or 3 songs, and somehow it seemed necessary to add non-SCIENCE songs to the poll. So guys, not sure if it means something real, but vote anyway!


I voted for


New Skin



Those are my three favorites from the album. However, Glass, Idiot Box, Calgone and Favorite Things are so close behind that I wouldn't care if I saw those. To be honest, I'd be happy with anything, but if they start playing Redefine when I see them, I'm going to go all "Bull-in-china-shop".

Our own Rennie voted for ACSOG and Summer Romance. Interesting.


(Not sure if there already was a topic for this, if so, feel free to merge/delete this thread)

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New skin

A certain shade of green

Summer Romance

Summer Romance

Idiot Box

A Certain Shade of Green


Summer Romance



Those were the top-voted songs. Little disappointed that Vitamin is in there, but oh well. Now there's a poll for make yourself, unfortunately you can only vote one song. I voted The Warmth.



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