Today I got a Harrasing message on my youtube account from user "JavaIncubus". Ive been been familiar with this user for a while and was not happy with what he/she sent. Just as they have, I have been uploading "Incubus" related videos for a few years. Anyone who is familiar with youtube's policies, Unless you recorded the video yourself and/or have copyright permission to uplaod the video, your not suppposed. BUT, a lot of us do to promote our favorite bands.


He/She has been uploading video from Incubus AXS TV performance over the last few days and they are convinced they are the only person that is allowed to upload these videos(without permission.) Well, I think Ive just met the biggest hypocrite!!!


Please be aware of this user, DO NOT hesitate to share the love of Incubus or anything your passionate about on is YOUTUBE'S job to decide what videos stay and go.


My username on youtube is monumentsNmelodies . You will see I have dozens of incubus drum covers and videos to share my love for them. So nothing "javaincubus" can say about me uploading videos of can be justified...cause they do the same thing!


Thanx for reading and cheers to our favorite band!






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Wow what a dickhead, I've seen videos on his channel that I've seen on someone else's channel first. Ignore the troll. Plenty of people uploaded the linkin park half so he's just wants views from the incubus show.

Thanx a lot K.P.

I couldnt believe when I got this message. First I got a message from someone else asking/accusing me of stealing "javaincubus' videos...then ironically get this message from him the next day. PLEASE spread the word about this....Ive never seen someone so hypocritical and ESPECIALLY from a fellow Incubus fan. Cheers.

Also! "javincubus" hasnt tagged "AXS TV" is any of the videos that he claim Im "stealing" from what does that say? He knows he doenst have the right to upload them just like I dont, but he doesnt wanna take the chance of getting them taken down. Coward is the word that comes to mind.

Incubus doesn't even have a label anymore. And I doubt they really care if people share those videos. Like KP said, just ignore them, they can't do anything, and if someone reports you, I'll report them.

You guys are amazing...thanx a lot! if you have a youtube page add/subscribe to me and I'll return the favor cheers


What is your youtube channel (so I can watch it)?



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