Plastic Oceans Exhibition featuring the artwork of Incubus singer Brandon Boyd in Cape Town, SA

Plastic Oceans Exhibition

Our exhibition aims to create awareness about plastic pollution in the world's oceans featuring the artwork of Incubus singer Brandon Boyd

Short Summary

MuseArt is a company set up by 3 young women, our aim is to mobilise society and the youth in particular to pay attention to the global issues that impact their lives and inspire them to use their skills and passions in film, art, music, sport or science to better themselves and the world they live in.

The Plastic Oceans Exhibition focuses on the grave problem of plastic pollution. The planet is quickly becoming a tidal wave of plastic waste. Over half of the plastic we use is used only once and then thrown away.  the problem is that there is no “away”.  The impact on wildlife, the environment and the potential harm to human health are only now becoming clear.  The facts are that we have to do something and do it now. Brandon Boyd created a series of art to raise awareness about the islands of plastic floating about in the world's seas. We aim to showcase this artwork in South Africa to start a movement aimed at combating this problem because despite our vast shoreline (South Africa has impacts on both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans) , the issue has not been adequately raised amongst young people. We hope that through art we can inspire action to protect our seas.

What We Need & What You Get

MuseArt needs a total of $3 000 to make this awareness initative a reality and we're hoping to get some of that right here! The money raised will go towards hiring our exhibition space and shipping of the inspiring artwork half way across the world to do it's job in motivating young people to care for the ocean. Even if we don't reach our goal, every cent raised will go towards the exhibition, which we are adamant about going ahead with.

We have some great perks for donors, from little gifts of plush sea creatures, your name on our wall of heroes at the exhibition, to entry tickets to the actual exhibition (transport not included) as well as VIP tickets to our launch night.

 The Impact

Your contributions will help MuseArt take its first step on the issue of ocean pollution, the first step in what we aim to turn into an on-going initiative to save the seas. You will also be assisting us in our very first beach clean up initiative.

Other Ways You Can Help

EVERY bit helps, please do spread the word, share our initiative with your friends and if you are in Cape Town in December, make sure not to miss the Plastic Oceans Exhibition!!!!

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Brandon Boyd of Incubus discussing the artwork that inspired our exhibition!

****Does anyone know for sure if this is a given? Is Brandon involved in this directly and has he already agreed to send his artwork? Even if not, though I'm led to believe he knows and has agreed which is awesome, the fact that he and his art and his environmental awareness is being chosen to encourage and motivate others in a country as far away as South Africa is all kinds of awesome and amazing.

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Looks like this is a go! How fantastic will this be for not only environmental awareness, but for fans of Brandon's art in South Africa to be able to see it up close and personal?! Very cool! I also just read on MuseArt's FB page that this will be the first time Brandon's art will be shown outside the USA! Incredible :)

It gives us great pleasure to announce that MuseArt's Brandon Boyd Plastic Oceans Exhibition will be hosted at Grand Cafe and Beach V&A Waterfront, Cape Town from 13-16 December 2013!! Massive thanks to the fabulous team at Grand Africa, welcome aboard!

We are extremely proud to announce the support of #Hurley South Africa for the#BrandonBoyd Plastic Oceans Exhibition. The Incubus singer first created the artwork for Hurley in the H Space gallery in Los Angeles. Now MuseArt will exhibit it on African soil for the very first time! Raising awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans 13-15 December in Cape Town.

Big wave surf champion Chris Bertish will MC the opening of the Brandon Boyd Plastic Oceans Exhibition. He is described as an ocean warrior who redefines the word "possible". Chris travels around the world , pushing boundaries in the hope of reminding people that their dreams are worth fighting for. We couldn't have asked for a more inspiring person! We hope to see all in Cape Town in December!!

Incubus singer Brandon Boyd's artwork has officially arrived on SA shores for the first time!! Don't miss out on your chance to see it and help raise awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans

it's true!!! a part of the @mybrandonboyd plastic pollution project with HURLEY will be replicated in cape town, south africa and displayed december 10-13!!! we've been working with the fabulous and passionate nalisha laloo at MuseArt! #GLOBALdetailed info to come!

The MuseArt team is getting ready to completely transform the beautiful Grand Cafe & Beach gallery for the #BrandonBoyd Plastic Oceans Exhibition! See you all on 12 December for the opening! Or between 13-15 December if you'd like to see Brandon's amazing art!


MuseArt is proud to bring you artwork by Brandon Boyd of Incubus! See you at grand cafe & Beach in Cape Town for the official opening tonight!

Officially open to the public!! What a successful night! Thanks to all who came. We will be posting pictures from the event soon! Come see Brandon Boyd's art for yourself at Grand Cafe and Beach in CT

MuseArt proudly hosted the artwork of Incubus singer Brandon Boyd at an exhibition in Cape Town in December 2013. The aim of the exhibition was to raise awareness about the issue of plastic pollution in the 5 gyres of our oceans.
Our sincerest gratitude to Hurley South Africa, Jen Disisto, Grand Africa, Chris Bertish, Indievillage and the City of Cape Town for their support.



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