I've been meaning to ask this question.. Does anybody feel like pits been loosing its actual reason? By that i mean that ppl don't really jump around, or move to music anymore. I don't necessarily mean like mosh and hit each other but more like vibe to the music. I've been to many incubus shows and every single time its been pit because i love the pit haha. But recently i've noticed how dead the crowd can be and i've noticed it on videos as well... and I have to say that its all due to phones!! haha.

I understand we all want to have some pics and record videos and i even have fallen in that category but its just sooo boring of a crowd when that happens. For example few shows back Incubus opened with megalomaniac and thats a good energetic intro song and i was all pumped and all i could see was robots in the pit with phones up standing still :( that is no fun...

So what do you guys think? is it only me? or is it just in the states? I've been to incubus shows out of the country and i have to say that they are all about pit and feeling the music.. and much less people with phones up.

p.s- the band is always amazing.. but im sure if the crowd played a part it would be amazing!

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yeahh actually an interview i watched recently Brandon was saying "yeahh i notice alotta young people seem to have phones attached to their heads like were non-existant without it" ahahaha the only way i know how good a band is by the number of pics i take and if its low than thats a good thing :)) lol

Hahaha Very well said.. Ive been to some venues that they try to enforce no cell phones but it never works.

everytime i am in the pit i feel all the vibes coming from the music. nothing will stop me! and yes some people just dont know whats up dude!!! just let them, they will come around one day. someday. hopefully. i just wish people would give me more space to dance.



ahhh@ i love turning back and singing with the whole crowd . its awesome.


oh geez. im so excited now!

9 More fukn days! VEGAS!!!!!

Me and u Will have to make sure that this damm pit gets the party started. Its going to be insane!

My friend tried recording megalomaniac last Saturday, let's just say it didn't work out.

its a whole new generation than when i grew up.....excuse me for hurting some feelings out there, but i say some things are better the "old" way.  ditch the cell phones and concentrate on the band being there with you face to face and not holding onto your cell phone pointed at the band like its the most important thing!  Enjoy the reality of the band being  in your face at the little time they spend on stage and use your God given memory to store the awesome photos you snap with your brain cells...not cell phones!



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