a MOVIE Soundtrack!

I was listening to it on repeat and realized that the part 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind!' sits perfectly for a Movie's Themesong or Soundtrack!


Listen to it in your mind.


Think about it.



Love & Light,

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Absolutely!  Remember the 'Stealth' soundtrack?
You've got me thinking about it. The filmmaker in me can totally see it!
"What Dreams Come" with Robin Williams!
since the first time i heard this song i thought the same thing :)

Sweet.. :)

I don't know so much about the track going with 'What Dreams May Come' though.. that one seems a lighter movie, and 'Adolescents' is light as well but a different atmosphere when put with that movie. But great suggestion! :)

Silvia Paci Digei (Italia adm) said:

"What Dreams Come" with Robin Williams!

totally.. 'Stealth' came to mind and I tried picturing Adolescents with that first.. and it sat quite well. but of course, 'Make A Move' as already throned that - which rocks.


I'm picturing 'Adolescents' going with something like.. a drama or action movie.. could even go well with something like 'Inception' or even a movie like 'The Machinist'.. some kind of "raw" but acclaimed movie.


Anywho - Incubus' seems to have a penchant for creating tracks that are very suitable for movies.. (or even birthday parties. heh).. They Awesome.   :D

Debra Wilson said:

Absolutely!  Remember the 'Stealth' soundtrack?



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