I'm wondering if anyone else on here has heard the full album, and what your opinions are. Here's mine:


Its probably my least favorite. I just don't feel like the music evolved from Light Grenades, musically or lyrically. The music on this record is much more methodical and less spontaneous. I think what made me like Incubus in the first place was that their songs chronicled the everyday human experience. A good example of that are songs like "11 AM" and "Here In My Room", but I just don't hear that in this new album. Not liking it at all. Best song, in my opinion, is "Isadore".

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As far as I know there's another track so 4 b-sides.I read a comment on you tube but I don't remember in which video.And I've found this in the Incubus italian fans group!
Come on guys ...what's the 4th track ??
Are you happy or disappointed?!However I don't rember the entire title of the other song!It is "God..." and I don't rember the rest!

Ga!  I'm an idiot.  I was scanning through all my Incubus songs on the computer, and found Surface to Air!  I was wondering how come I didn't get it, I thought maybe it was just on the hard copy which my mom is going to ship to me, but it turns out it just didn't load with the rest?!!

Anyway, yay :)  It was a nice surprise, it's one I'm liking a lot.

Now for Rebel Girls...

So what's the name of the fourth EXTRA song , guys !?
Switchblade sounds like it belongs on "Light Grenades"
The new album is really growing in me now, loving Isadore and in the company of wolves. Still don't think any of these tracks would of made it onto an album such as ACLOTM though x
Switchblade sounds if it belongs in the "light grenades" album, IMO.

The more I listen to this album the more I like it. At first I thought it was too "slow" but think that is because most of the music that I listen to is "Hard Rockish". I totally get into the feel and vibe of all the songs and they all seem to work together quite well. Watching them perform at Red Rocks (I watched the streamed event wasn't there live) and playing some of the new songs with the old songs was a great fit. The new album is different from their other ones but that is what musicians do, they don't want to play the same stuff over and over and over! Music takes you to different places and if you keep hearing the same stuff then you will stay in the place/frame of mind.


Thanks guys for making something unique and not what I expected!!



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