I'm wondering if anyone else on here has heard the full album, and what your opinions are. Here's mine:


Its probably my least favorite. I just don't feel like the music evolved from Light Grenades, musically or lyrically. The music on this record is much more methodical and less spontaneous. I think what made me like Incubus in the first place was that their songs chronicled the everyday human experience. A good example of that are songs like "11 AM" and "Here In My Room", but I just don't hear that in this new album. Not liking it at all. Best song, in my opinion, is "Isadore".

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My CD only arrived today so I'm currently listening to it for the first time.

After reading several reviews I expected to not like it the first time I listened to it (90% of the time it takes at least 2 listens for me to like an album). However, so far I really like INNW! It's definitely different to the previous albums, as they all are, but it's still good :)

here's one for team Davide, beCAUSE I cannot stand Promises...there, i said it, phew.

I believe one of the main issues we're dealing with is that we fans (whether we be "TRUE" or not) have been accustomed to FALLING IN LOVE at-first-hear with all of their previous tracks. That seems to be/has been our common thread.

Sure, one could find the occasional mention of distaste, typically those spitting out 'Oil and Water' or choking on 'Paper Shoes'...but even these were few and far between ( not to mention, authored by those with some form of "rok" in their username).

I think if data could be collected these things have been said most often about no band other than our Incubus:

 1) that, yes, their music relates to the everyday human experience and points to a personal time-scape in my life,        significantly! 

 2) and, there hasn't been a song I didn't LOVE.

Now, I have not heard the LP in it's entirety, but it bares repeating I CANNOT STAND 'Promises'. Is Incubus still going to dominate my ipod? That's a Hellafide-yes! Thus far, 'In the Company of Wolves' entered in typical opiate fashion. It's stray from the expected seemed foreign in such an alluring way, it literally PAWS at you. But the way that 'Promises' wanders off is just not even of intrigue...not even a finger curl to be seen, beckoning me. And then, 'Adolescents' pulls you into this warm and fuzzy Sonic blanket that is somehow transparent. Woe-is-me! How could I NOT expect more of this kind of hot-cold treatment?

Try listening like it's another band??? There IS NO Other band. There is no other group of musicians who have permeated the molecules that comprise my soul while crossing the blood-brain barrier with EACH and EVERY song I've heard...until now.

 and that's why it's soooo very hard to admit that,,,in ALL these years of perfection tunneling thru my canals, I/we might not be falling in love so swiftly. But, then again, love does not come without risk. So, yes, I will be sticking my proverbial neck out for INN,W? Givin' a l'il love back, i guess.


 Be back post-listen with guillotine reaction. 

I differ on two points ....firstly I have never liked any Incubus track after one hearing , normally takes a few listens then I'm hooked forever and never get fed up them . On first listen I actually HATED the new album but after about 10 listens I absolutely LOVE IT !

As to Promises , at first I detested it ut now I really like it a lot !

but Zinc, isn't that a little troubling?

Could we not say the same about, say Brussel Sprouts??? i mean, when i was little i thought them to be the most foul, little green balls. They tasted of dirt. But being told how good they were (nutritionally), and due to my parents' keen re-packaging of them, I now eat them by the bowlful; drenched in Balsamic and black pepper.

terrible food-metaphor aside, i don't really think the same should apply to what i've deemed "My Favorite Band".

None of their music has been left to grow on me before...that has been the reason they felt so right. I'm not really sure what would influence a person to basically FORCE oneself TO like a song which they initially didn't like, let alone detested...but, I afraid it's got something to do with marketing.

...and that's a little bit too much like Behavioral Conditioning.

Sadly, 'Promises...' inspires nothing like the messages offered in 'Make Yourself', 'Talk Shows...', 'While all the Vultures Feed', ect. and in fact inspires NOTHING in me. No matter how much vinegar & pepper gets put on it.

It's something I've NEVER imagined saying about mr. brandon boyd, but the lyrics are absent, almost trivial. "I'd swing if you'd hand me, hand me the bat"? ..."The rabbit in your hat"??? Come on,,,,this from the man who's penned lines that have LITERALLY CHANGED people's lives!?     

In some ways, the music Incubus has created, accompanied by Brandons' PURE LYRICAL PROSE have served as an outline for what kind of Human Being I aspire to, and in turn guide my children into being.Can I still call him "Professor Human Be"?? 'cuz gawd, I want to still. And, as previously mentioned, I'm in love with '...Wolves' from the Berlin footage.

I'm desperately trying to keep an open-mind, here, Zinc...and truth be told, I will probably end up saying what you have said (sans liking "it", i.e 'Promises...') about the album. I believe you're in the minority here as far as "never liking any Incubus track after one hearing". But, JUST CURIOUS, what would you say you HATED about it AND what caused you to continue listening 9+ times? 



Hard to say really , from past experience I knew that the album would take at least a few of listens . I liked Adolecence a bit first listen but the album took so much longer to get into than Light Grenades which was pretty easy .

I agree w/ Jared. It's def grown on me because I was pretty disappointed at first! It's too mellow...even more so than Light Grenades - which I'm not really a big fan of either. But I do love the fact they are always trying new things. The best tracks, I think, are Thieves, Isadore and Adolescents (my favorite).

Just loving this album now !!!!

Rockets booked for Manchester as well !!!
I love this album and my favorite songs right now are the Promises,promises and in the company of wolves... I really love Incubus and most especially Brandon.... :)
This album was my least favorite on my first listen through...but it has grown on me.  It's different for sure, and I understand a lot of the reactions here.  It's just so different than all of their other stuff in my opinion.  Different Incubus is still 10x better than anything else coming out right now.
I know what you mean about the album , I love it now after a load of listens .

I have re-arranged the tracks though :)

My version starts with Rebel Girls followed by Adolecence , Thieves , If not now.., Isadore etc etc. finishing off with Promises , SwitchBlade and Surface to air.

Listen to this b-side:"Hold me down"..It's the rock track that there's not in the album..


Where did you find this track , I haven't heard it mentioned anywhere .

Only thought there was Rebel Girls and Surface to Air as tracks not on album.



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