I just have to get off my chest how much Incubus has let us down.

Incubus was scheduled to play in Saskatchewan in 2007.  They cancelled.  So after waiting 5 years they finally go on tour again.  However, they did not come back to Saskatchewan to make it up to their fans they of course go to Alberta.  Fine, Saskatchewanians will travel to see our favorite bands, we are used to it!  We traveled 8 hours to Calgary, took time away from our children and spent a lot of money (gas is not cheap)!  Then after a long day at a crummy festival (no offence X: Fest but the rest of the line-up did not appeal to my husband and me at all) and endured a rank, marble-size hail storm for 25 minutes in the middle of the day, we hear Incubus has cancelled!!!  The immense disappointment can hardly be put into words. 

Compensation?  Fans could turn their X:Fest tickets in for tickets to their show the next night in Edmonton, 6 hours away.  Thank goodness we did not decide to do this because Incubus did not even go on in Edmonton!!  Imagine the fans that did that.  All the money and time wasted.  Unbelievable! 

I’m sorry but as a professional musician you’d think Brandon would have to wherewithal to take care of himself and his voice on tour!  Plus their set was only an hour and a half.  Suck it up and go on stage. 

Getting really hard to support and respect a band that treats its fans this way. 

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Apology is on twitter, and I think their Facebook as well.
I am pretty pissed, too. I really can't get over it. I am more sad than anything. I feel like I just lost the love of my life. When will they ACTUALLY be back???

There is no "suck it up and go on stage" once your voice is completely shot unless you want to risk destroying your voice permanently. Some of the greatest singers in the world have suffered from the exact same thing and the recommendation is to always be on best rest and not use your voice at all until it gets better. It's one of those things that can literally pop up one day, especially if you've been using your vocal chords in that way for 20+ years. I wonder if people were telling Mike to suck it up when he had serious carpal tunnel and couldn't play his guitar. If Jose broke his arm, would people tell him to suck it up and go on stage? I understand and it that it sucks that you couldn't see them but to downplay legit medical issues just so the fans can be entertained baffles me.  Band member, stock broker or stay at home mom, your health comes first before anything else.

If anything, call Ticketmaster or whoever it was that was responsible for ticket sales and see if it can be re citified.

Ya it does suck we couldn't see them, again!  This is the second time Incubus has let down fans in the prairie provinces.  I don't know where you are from but Saskatchewan doesn't get a lot of major acts touring through so we travel for them and spend a lot of money, and don't get me wrong I am happy to spend the money to see a wicked show, but the result of these shows just leaves me feeling like Incubus doesn't care about their fans in the smaller western provinces.  Believe me I am more sad than anything.  When will we get to enjoy a live performance from Incubus?!!

You got that right!! My husband is a singer, and if he can't sing, he has to cancel. Thankfully, he hasn't had to cancel yet (after 35 years), but others have had to. When you are a singer, your voice IS your instrument. If the ticket holders themselves were sick, they wouldn't go, and there would be no refund. Hopefully, despite the disappointment and time spent, they got their money back. I saw the 2012 tour in MA- a few days later they televised the CA show,and Brandon clearly was not in good voice. Touring bands are subject to the physical stress of climate changes, sometimes within days. Hopefully  these folks WILL get to see them soon- great band!!



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