I spent 100 plus dollars and drove two hours to see Incubus on Saturday only to have them drop out of the festival.  The announcement came just hours before they were to play and it stated that the band was waiting until the last minute to tell us incase Brandon's voice, by some miracle, came back.  Ha!  If you had informed me before I entered perhaps I could have sold my ticket.  The only compensation offered was a ticket to they're show in Edmonton, 6 hours drive away, on a Monday night.

Incubus, you let me down.  Please refund my ticket.

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i agree man...they were my main reason for paying ONE HUNDRED plus dollars...INCUBUS you need to make it up some how

I was in Edmonton, and they couldn't come that night, either. I was pretty bummed about it, to say the least. I paid 170 for VIP tickets and drove a long ass way. Do we have to wait another 5 years?

I don't want my money back. I want to see Incubus.

Incubus has seriously let down their western Canadian fans.  My husband and I were also incredibly disappointed at the outcome of X: Fest.  I just have to get off my chest how much Incubus has let us down.

Incubus was scheduled to play in Saskatchewan in 2007.  They cancelled.  So after waiting 5 years they finally go on tour again.  However, they did not come back to Saskatchewan to make it up to their fans they of course go to Alberta.  Fine, Saskatchewanians will travel to see our favorite bands, we are used to it!  We traveled 8 hours to Calgary, took time away from our children and spent a lot of money (gas is not cheap)!  Then after a long day at a crummy festival (no offence X: Fest but the rest of the line-up did not appeal to my husband and me at all) and endured a rank, marble-size hail storm for 25 minutes in the middle of the day, we hear Incubus has cancelled!!!  The immense disappointment can hardly be put into words. 

Compensation?  Fans could turn their X:Fest tickets in for tickets to their show the next night in Edmonton, 6 hours away.  Thank goodness we did not decide to do this because Incubus did not even go on in Edmonton!!  Imagine the fans that did that.  All the money and time wasted.  Unbelievable! 

I’m sorry but as a professional musician you’d think Brandon would have to wherewithal to take care of himself and his voice on tour!  Plus their set was only an hour and a half.  Suck it up and go on stage. 

Anyways, as their will probably be no reparation for this (at least in 2007 we got our money back) INCUBUS HAS LOST TWO OF ITS BIGGEST FANS.  It’s really unfortunate because the music is so good but we just can’t respect a band that treats its fans this way. 

I was at xfest too only to see them. Not only did I call into work but I sat in the hail and rain for about 45 minutes then had to listen to a bunch of bands that I don't really care about. I was super choked, i was almost about to make my way to edmonton really glad i didnt. It would be worth it if they just made time to play a show in Calgary as soon as their schedule allows or even somewhere close enough. It just kills me to think I lost my one and only chance to see my favourite band of all time. Don't care about the money, just the music.

I was more than happy to spend the money knowing I was going to walk away with memories of a mind blowing performance.  Its just the fact that we have nothing to show for it, except a hole in our pocket.  Along with the extreme sadness that we might have to wait another 5 years for them to even come close to the prairie provinces again.  As a prairie Canadian I just get so frustrated with bands thinking we aren't worth their time or energy to share their talents and continually brushing us off.   

We had 5 tickets, showed up 30 min before Incubus was gonna play, heard they weren't playing so we didn't even scan in because the people working the gate told us we could get our money back if we didn't go in......WRONG. Now were out $500.00 and the UNION is pretty much telling us to pound sand. Of course if we had scanned our tickets and gone in I would not expect a dime back.....But we did not get a show....We got five pieces of paper for $500.00, and I also payed for the printer, paper and ink! Total B.S.

I sure would like some money back, or a ticket to a future show Incubus. We can't blame you for being sick but there must be something you can do???????

Hey Incubus,

I also shed a tear when I heard that you weren't playing at Sonic Boom in Edmonton. I have been listening to your music since I first started to listen to music. As a student, I was like, "hell yes I'll drop 100 dollars to see Incubus, I'll just eat macaroni for two weeks, no problem." The other bands were good, but couldn't make up for you guys not playing. These music festivals aren't cheap, especially when you're making close to minimum wage and want to support and see your favorite artists.

I'm sorry that you were sick Brandon, but a lot of Alberta is extremely saddened that you couldn't play for Xfest or Sonic Boom. Please find a way to either refund some of our tickets, or come and play for us again another time without charging us twice.

Again, love your work, but please try console your many disappointed fans here.

<3 Jade

Its not the bands job to refund our money what they should do is come back to Calgary so we get the chance to see them. So many people love you guys out here please come baaaack, your the greatest band ever I just want to see you live it would make me able to die happy.



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