so i know we dont have set dates. but i live in jersey and i am super stoked for this tour at the end of the summer.


i was thinking. i know people try to do this a lot. but depending on the venue. ideally PNC, i think we should all get together. meet up in the lot or something. theres nothing better than sharing a time like an incubus concert with people who love them as much as you.


i will TOTALLY take the responsibility on myself to coordinate. but please. post, and let me know if you are someone who thinks this is a good idea/has suggestions for what we can do.



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I'll totally be there!

TOM--"Last time I was at PNC tailgating was allowed.  Does anyone here who seen Incubus last play at PNC remember the "SCIENCE" chant ? ;)  This was on M&M tour."

Heheh this will be the first time i venture to the east for incubus tour!! yayy!!! im too excited! i will be chanting with you tom!!

Wow!! This sounds great!! I'd love to try to meet up with everyone!

try to? oh its gonna happen lol


i still have a few things to work out, but im getting closer. please anyone who wants more info let me know. or message me here, on fb, my cell phone lol whatever. i have an idea for tshirts. a family member of mine is a graphic design major and she is drawing up a simple logo. im gonna have it say HQNJ or something like that so we all can spot eachother. im going to make the shirts available on the web and we can all get together that way as well.


im going to PNC, Jones Beach for sure. ive spoken to Cynthia as well, and im gonna get tickets for her and i to go to Boston and possibly Philly too!!


please people feel free to contact me with any Q's. thanks!





Please feel free to use me as a resource to coordinate this event. I'm from Jersey City and I'm going to Jones Beach, PNC and Camden. I think this is a great idea and would love to be a part of it. I added you on here as well as FB, but send me a message if you need any of my other contact info.



thank you sir.


please feel free to shoot any ideas at me that you may have. im designing logos for tshirts i wanna offer people. so we can stand out at the venues and kind of promote mingling and getting to know eachother. cynthia has been in contact with me, and she has been wonderful enough to offer her help too. so as many helpers please. im not trying to run this myself. i just love the band

hey Rich...i'm a photographer and i'm fairly decent with photoshop.  if ya need any help with the shirt design or anything, gimme a shout.



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