so i know we dont have set dates. but i live in jersey and i am super stoked for this tour at the end of the summer.


i was thinking. i know people try to do this a lot. but depending on the venue. ideally PNC, i think we should all get together. meet up in the lot or something. theres nothing better than sharing a time like an incubus concert with people who love them as much as you.


i will TOTALLY take the responsibility on myself to coordinate. but please. post, and let me know if you are someone who thinks this is a good idea/has suggestions for what we can do.



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great idea rich!!!! :) we can bring some drinks and snacks? and just chill out.... :)

i guess we can figure it all out when it gets closer :)


thank you. and you could totally help me do this lol either that or you can just come hang out.

i have a group of a bunch of friends of mine that will be coming with me. and i hope this post becomes more popular once the tour dates are announced. im so stoked for incubus!

Kristine Kirsic said:

great idea rich!!!! :) we can bring some drinks and snacks? and just chill out.... :)

i guess we can figure it all out when it gets closer :)


sounds good :) AND YES!!!! i can't wait too!!!!!! it's gonna be awesome :)
I am RSVP ing

I think this is a great idea Rich!

I'm from Venezuela, and will be moving to New York around June or July. I have a few friends living there, but none of them are "incujunkies" (we are calling ourselves like that on the chat right now XD).

So I was looking forward to do something like this, I started sending friend request to people from New York. And I joined HQ's New York group when there were just 2 members (now we are 8), I hope more people join :)

I can totally help you coordinate this. But I also think it would be nice if we arrange a meeting before concert day. Some of us could meet, just talk, share experiences, organize everything for the concert, and go together. What do you think? Oh my sooo excited!!! :D


Yessss, this is a great idea.  It will be fun to celebrate with other die-hard incubus fans!

someone died at an ozzie concert at pnc and it's a blue county so there is absolutely no tailgating allowed. It would be fun though. I'd rather it not be at pnc anyway. How about the Garden for New York and then a smaller show for Jersey like the Wellmont in montclair. We could all go out in montclair with ren and the boys afterward!

I'm definitely down for the NY show.  I see them whenever they come here.
Last time I was at PNC tailgating was allowed.  Does anyone here who seen Incubus last play at PNC remember the "SCIENCE" chant ? ;)  This was on M&M tour.
I'm open to anything. When incubus rolls into town my friends and I prepare lol

If the show is at PNC I suggest we meet somewhere locally. Long branch beach or something like that. He'll, I'll have people at my house haha as for doing it the day before, I couldn't agree more.

Rennie, you are at the top of the list of invites so...sweet lol

If the show is in NYC, maybe we can all meet in central park and just share stories and our love for this wonderful group of guys.

Please I'm open to recommendations, and the more people involved the better! Tri-state area fans unite!

My email is I'll continue to check this forum, but feel free to email me.
Also my name is Richard Striffolino. Add me on the dreaded Facebook too!!


in the meantime. lets post what we would like to see most at said ny/nj concert!


obviously all of us can add the disclaimer.."we are just happy to see the band yadda yadda"


but if im gonna be picky. id say these three songs are my top priority:

The Warmth. PLEASE its EPIC!

Midnight Swim

Crowded Elevator


just sayin'

Is it actually going to be at the end of this summer? Because they are starting abroad and the album comes out mid July, so I'm confused as to when the dates will be.



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