so i bought pit tickets a month or two ago

and convinced a friend of mine to go as well

took a day off work, rented a camera to take some good pictures and even showed up an hour early before the doors supposedly opened

once i got there i was thinking "man this place is really empty right now"

look on the ticket, and it's for 09/29/11.


somehow i got the date completely wrong for the last month

the crazy part was, my friend was saying "i think its 09/29"

and i was able to somehow convince him that it was 09/22

i even checked the incubus website and had some tremendous hallucination that it was on 09/22




so double check your tour dates people!

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Wow, you sure 'sound' like you were pretty calm about the f-up!  But at least you didn't MISS  it!  It won't be empty tomorrow! lol  Have a great time! and get lots of pix!



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