Hey guy's i dont even know if incubus reads this but here it goes ...
I went to your concert in monterrey, and i have been a fan since the 90's of your music and i respect all of the band members a lot.

Ive seen you play a shit load of gigs and this one was one of the cheapest with all do respect .. The cheapest concert I've ever seen you play, and you guys are literally my GODS....... Your audio was bad, your visual show was verryyy weak,the set list was just ok, but most important the band just seemed .... Kinda just not there, not the explosive incubus attitude i remember in every single concert I've ever been to.
I paid 2 tickets of 1,000 pesos gladly because i knew for sure that it was worth even more to see you guys play!!! And at MY home town for the second time in monterrey's life .... But instead .. It was just an ok band playing good song's..... I let me tell you that working here in Mexico and paying for an incubus concert is a luxury almost no people have here...

I am sorry to post a thread, but there is no inbox to tell you guys what i felt ..

Alejandro Quiroga
One of your biggest fans
Rock on

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