I understand that the band cannot cater to each fan's individual needs, but it would have been really nice to see them come to Minneapolis or Omaha. I don't know about the rest of you from the midwest, but in order to fulfill my dream of going to my first Incubus concert ever, I will have to drive 8 hours just to get to the venue. As a very broke college student with a somewhat unreliable car, this journey will most likely break me. I'm just wondering who else out there is stuck in the midwest? Who else is tired of missing out on amazing shows such as this because of location? Phenomenal bands like Incubus are rare, but even more rare when we don't get the opportunity to see them perform live - to have the experience of feeling hundreds of hearts that are beating harder because of the power of music. If anyone reads this, we should definitely suggest a Minneapolis or Omaha date to be added.  (Photo: Falls Park, Sioux Falls, SD)

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I've been a fan for 12 years now and I live in Omaha. I just don't see them playing Omaha again. I feel they don't have enough fans here and the ticket sales are poor. I would love to see them play Lincoln, NE again, I saw them there in 2001 and it was a fantastic show. The crowd was awesome and the venue was the perfect size. I would LOVE to see them play Omaha or even just over the river in Council Bluffs at the MId American Center. That venue would be perfect for them if they would just come back and give us another chance. 

I'm not a broke college student but I am a broke mommy of two young children. I am making plans right now to travel to Colorado, the #1 thing on my bucket list is seeing incubus at Red Rocks so I am planning that for sure and I may try to get to KC the Friday after. That means lots of driving and very little sleep for a few days but I think it's worth it. KC will depend on ticket prices.

Are you from Omaha Brittany?


nah i'm not from omaha. BUT ren said they will be going to omaha and minneapolis on the second leg of the tour. so thats nice =]



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