Light Grenades Haters--Let's get to the bottom of this

Hey y'all. I've noticed in reading comments about incubus songs and albums--many via youtube comment boards--that there are A LOT of haters of 'new incubus', and specifically light grenades. they say that incubus has gone downhill since science or fungous amoungus or whatever. i've also read people saying they should've 'stayed on drugs' because their music and lyrical themes have gotten a little low-key and mushy.


for me, light grenades is a hair short of being my favorite incubus album (to morning view). i can understand one having a dislike for a song or even a few on the album (for me, it'd be the earth to bella songs), but song-for-song i think it's a stellar collection (quicksand, dig, anna molly, rogues--my god.) are the haters of light grenades just resistant to change, or is there something legitimate that i'm missing here? as objectively as possible, will someone fill me in? thanks

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people just dont understand ...that people grow and change and learn different things and things change in our lifes everyday. nothing stays the same and for this i love incubus.
But by saying that people grow and change, people also need to understand that some people didn't grow to love Light Grenades. I'm not one of them, especially not since Light Grenades was my gateway-album, but some people might just not have grown the same way Incubus did.
Its music, and you have to appreciate it..which i think a lot of people dont do anymore because its all about mainsteam shit.. brainwashing.....
Maybe I'm too easy to please or I'm just brainwashed by incubus!  I can say that there isn't ONE song out of all their albums that I don't like!  I think LG is pure incubus; innovative, as is every single album.  You can always expect something entirely unlike the the album before it!  They're prolific!  They are constantly learning new instruments on a personal level which adds to the many nuances of each album!  In short, I consider them to be genius' of our millenium!  Refute that! whoever you LG haters are!  HA!  BTW, Dig is amazing!  (it's my ringtone)

i know i was going to put ..we all have something that digs at us....

thats awesome the way you put it, because i was thinking about this LG haters thread while i was washing my dishes and in the end i had to play dig ....i feel the energy mang!!! <3



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