I know lot of people won't reply to this and will hate me for starting a topic like this, but I think this is something nobody has ever brought up before on this forum.

Here are my 5 least favorite Incubus songs:

1. Out From Under

2. Promises, Promises

3. 11am

4. Clean

5. I can't really think of another one, but I guess I would pick Love Hurts

If you can think of any songs you dislike, post them here! I wanna know if I'm not alone in thinking this way or if I suck for not liking a few of their songs.

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I dislike Magic medicine, even though i listen, I just want to skip it every time!

@Henry Edmondson Please explain the reasons why you dislike the 5 you've mentioned.

Thanks, Brack

Promises Promises is one of my favourites. :)

I find it hard to listen to Friends and Lovers, because I can't relate to it, and its like a soccer mom song lol.

Love Hurts


Monuments and Melodies

Earth to Bella (Part I) and (Part II)

Tomorrow's Food

i've been avoiding this discussion, cause i really don't want to blow off any Incubus song as my least favorite, but if i had to name one:


 Oh, pretty much all of FUNGUS AMONGUS, with, perhaps the exception of HILIKUS ( HI LIKE US) so, that would make it 9 tracks, + there are a few on Monuments.

Incubus is by far my favourite band, and listening to them has inspired me to reach new heights in my own talents and creativity. I can honestly say I love most the majority of their music, and have all their albums. That being said I am not a fan of Zee Deevel, or In the Company of Wolves. Thats about it. Harry, your choices, I believe, are all great songs.

That is such an incredible response! I feel how you do, but Zee Deveel is a great song! Lol I really love it! But your response is incredible!

i can say that out from under and clean are prob very high on my fav list.  songs i dont like:  absolutly loathe and hate friends and lover (dont think ill eer be able to listen to it, only ever got through it once hate it), lets go crazy is prob only other song i hate just friends and lovers and lets go crazy.  only other song not huge on pistola but dont hate it



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