I know lot of people won't reply to this and will hate me for starting a topic like this, but I think this is something nobody has ever brought up before on this forum.

Here are my 5 least favorite Incubus songs:

1. Out From Under

2. Promises, Promises

3. 11am

4. Clean

5. I can't really think of another one, but I guess I would pick Love Hurts

If you can think of any songs you dislike, post them here! I wanna know if I'm not alone in thinking this way or if I suck for not liking a few of their songs.

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It seems there is always one song on each album I skip every time. Shaft, I Miss You, Mexico, Made For TV Movie, Love Hurts, Martini, and The Original. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. isn't my favorite album, but I can listen to it all the way through. People who truly absolutely love every single song are few and far between, even on a fan site like this. It's ok to not like some songs, no band is perfect. And by percentage of songs I like vs. total output, Incubus is my favorite band.

I feel the same way but I skip different songs. I always skip Southern Girl, Clean, all the ones I put up there except sometimes I do listen to Love Hurts. The only one I skip on S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is Magic Medicine mostly because that woman's voice annoys me. I always name my top albums of their using which songs and how many songs I skip on each album and that's how I figured out Light Grenades is my favorite.

you dislike most of my favorite songs lol!

My least favorites... 

1. Earth to Bella (Pt. 1)

2. Earth to Bella (Pt. 2)

3. Magic Medicine

4. Circles

and I honestly can't think of another one that I either always or often skip. Circles I don't always skip, the others I always skip.

I only have one song that I usually skip every time - Shaft!  I've tried to like it, I just can't!  But I truly love ALL of INCUBUS' songs except that one!

hey at least your honest, mad props for that.

I don't like Magic Medicine and Oil and Water is not a song I dislike but not a fan of it

Emu, I never replied to your actual message. First I think it is perfectly OK to not like a song or songs from your favorite artist. Incubus has been my most beloved band for 12+ years now and I can listen to them all day but there are a few songs (see above) that I just don't care for. I don't think the songs I dislike are bad songs by any means they just don't hit my radar. By far I don't have even one song from each album that I dislike, that says a lot I think. 

another man's trash is another man's treasure. I personally love 11 am a lot. It brings up certain feelings inside of me that before I ever heard the song, I've never felt before. that song is a real treasure for me. I can understand with love hurts and promises promises. Those songs for some reason don't move me as other incubus songs do. They just don't evoke a strong emotion or imaginative vision for me. maybe they do for others though. I'd say that my least fav incubus song would be

Diamonds and coal.

Right on! 11am is embedded in my psyche due to how relatable it is. It's a unique take on heartbreak, and visceral to boot.

Promises, Promises grew on me and now moves me. But it's that instrument that tugs on heart strings. Not sure what it's called, though.

I have to say that I love the catalogue, but who on here doesn't, right? But the ones I deem skip-worthy are:


Diamonds and Coal

Oil and Water

Lyrically, I find them disappointingly weak. Musically, Dig is not bad, but I can't get past the lyrics. I wrote a whole poem about how upset I was over these 3 songs in particular. 

Love Hurts is also not lyrically up to par with the rest of the catalogue, but I find the music highly redeeming and its straightforward nature honest and vulnerable enough to get past what seems to be, at least superficially, a weak chorus. It's raw, and sometimes that's good. 

I used to skip The Original also, but that breakdown is worth the slow build. 

hmm I'd have to say Light Grenades...it's weird cause I love the lyrics I just don't care for the melody too much. I do love that there's no such thing as a bad Incubus song, there are just certain ones that you don't connect with as much as others. It's always interesting to hear about which ones y'all skip.

Also, it took me a long time to even realize what song was my absolute favorite since so many of them are my JAMS! I think that's how I knew I found my favorite band...ever.



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