Incubus songs tend to be intuitive, perceptive and full of compassion and/or passion. Somebody in the group has got to be an HSP. Mike? Not sure. Maybe the whole group is sensitive? Great songs.

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So I didn't know what either of these things were until last night after I saw your post. There's been a fair bit of reading about them since and I'd be willing to bet Brandon would identify an as empath. (perhaps Mike as well? I don't feel like I "know" them all well enough that I could say for them.)

Apparently I am an empath. I have always known that I am very empathetic and have developed ways of coping with it, but I didn't realize this was a named thing. (There are other people who feel like this too.. Yay!) Actually, some of Brandon's words made me realize that I was ignoring news to avoid (or protect myself) from having to deal with all the emotions. ("I'm making a choice to be out of touch") When I moved to NYC for college, I remember specifically telling myself that I should avoid the news because I just can't personally take on everyone's pain. I also feel moved to help people and because I often don't have the tools or skills to so, I wind up feeling guilty. I had a phase a couple years ago where I was pretty caught up in the guilt... Kind of hating all the things I have when other people don't even have food, shelter, etc. Through a series of events, I have found ways I can help others, which has empowered me to feel like I can affect positive change. (serious yay!) I can use art now as therapy for myself and to help others... Which makes me think of Brandon doing his germ drawings as a child and making himself feel better. And more recently, his art projects that focus on pollution of the oceans.

Ok, so that got rambley. The reason I think Brandon is probably an empath is because I have always identified so strongly and intuitively with his words. I feel a lot of times like he's managed to put into words things that I have felt or thought before. It's almost like hearing things I should have written to myself. He is obviously passionate and compassionate and I think his perceptions of the world/other people may go beyond what would be considered average.

I'd love to hear what he thinks about the whole thing... Maybe someday!

(sorry if my answer got a little too self-indulgent. These are new concepts to me. Also interesting, I haven't been on HQ in months, and the time I so get on, I see this. Oh coincidences...)

Hi Katelyn, I'm glad you've developed coping skills, otherwise being an empath can feel like a curse. No news for me either. I stay informed in other ways and I volunteer. That helps others and also helps me.

What I hope for is that more and more people learn compassion. While I know some people are born with a lot of empathy, others are not. Compassion meditation and three acts of kindness a week can help everyone.

As for Incubus, I love their music and their lyrics. Maybe Brandon is hsp/empath? I know that HSPs tend to be small-boned and/or thin-boned. Not sure why that affects the central nervous system, but it does. 

Sometimes, I like to think that events aren't coincidences.

Yea, coincidences are seeming a little less random lately.

News on tv I definitely avoid. I can read about events and deal with it better, but the way they present things on tv is quite frustrating. I hate how they use "juicy" stories to bait people in...

Doing things that are good for me and good for others has become a driving force for me. (I would say that seems to be true for Brandon as well.) I think what I've struggled with the most recently is the feeling that I need to do something to fix the bad things, but not actually being able to. I think I inadvertently started doing something similar to meditation or prayer to try to do something where I don't have a tangible skill. I also fell into an opportunity to custom paint shoes for children who are fighting cancer, other life-threatening illnesses, or life-long disabilities. (I do this with a non-profit called Peach's Neet Feet.) It has been the one thing in my life that I would truly call an honor... The resilience, hope, and joy of children who face daily difficulties and sometimes the very real possibility of death is incredible. Being part of this organization has really helped me to believe that I am capable of contributing something positive (sometimes tangible and sometimes not). Perhaps by simply giving what I can, committing acts of kindness, I can be an example of compassion and can show people that they are capable of good too.

Reading about what bent an empath is, I just felt like, "oh, yea, that's me". Not exactly an epiphany, although acknowledging it in a more concrete way it good. I'm sure there's a lot I can learn from other empaths. Amidst all this reading,I came cross the word "lightworker" and was intrigued. So I looked into it. The feeling I mentioned where I felt like Brandon has written things I should have written about myself? Reading what a lightworker is was that feeling, but stronger, and more exaggerated by the fact that I have never even heard of the person who wrote it. These things are so new and weird to me, but at the same time, how can I ignore somethng that explains why I've felt a certain way on soooo many different occasions?

So now I'm hearing all of these things in Brandon's words that seem to fall into line with HSPs, empaths, and even lightworkers. Brandon's got to be something and with the way the instrumental part of the songs move me, I wouldn't be shocked if the other boys were sensitive on some level as well. Mike seems kind of scientific, but being so involved creating beautiful music... I don't know.

It's funny, I watched one of Brandon's interviews the other night and he said something about chakras. Now I'm reading about all of this stuff and there the chakras are again. "This isn't coincidence... There's no such thing" :)



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