Hey everyone. Chris Torres from Incubus Online View (IOV).

IOV has been conducting a series of polls to rank every single Incubus song ever created. As of now we have ranked the following....

#01 - Sick Sad Little World 
#02 - Just A Phase 
#03 - The Warmth 
#04 - Rogues 
#05 - Aqueous Transmission 
#06 - Pendulous Threads 
#07 - New Skin 
#08 - Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) 
#09 - 11 Am 
#10 - Circles 
#11 - Look Alive 
#12 - Under My Umbrella 
#13 - Pardon Me 
#14 - Are You In? 
#15 - Wish You Were Here 
#16 - A Crow Left of the Murder 
#17 - Echo 
#18 - Pistola 
#19 - Privilege 
#20 - Megalomaniac 
#21 - Punch Drunk 
#22 - Warning 
#23 - Drive 
#24 - Redefine 
#25 - Nice To Know You 
#26 - Vitamin 
#27 - Crowded Elevator
#28 - In The Company Of Wolves
#29 - Anna Molly

Any thoughts on the selections thus far? We could use a few more Incubus fans to help nominate certain songs as well as vote. The list of songs has been a collective effort from a group of very longtime diehard Incubus fans. We have been very pleased with the results and have worked hard to ensure accuracy.


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Aqueous transmission= higher

Yes! - but why no Dig?!?

Hasn't gotten enough nominations yet, but it's likely to make it onto one of the upcoming rounds. We could use more fans participating so come join us!

Higher than top 5? I think where Aqueous is at is fair. I could argue maybe placing it above Rogues or Just A Phase, but Sick Sad Little World and The Warmth to me are band's two best songs ever.

It's a power-packed list for sure, but I would switch these positions:

Redefine and Rogues

Warning and Under My Umbrella


Redefine a top 5 Incubus song? That would put it above New Skin, Anti-Gravity, and Vitamin. Heck, A Certain Shade of Green hasn't even made the list yet and that baffles me. I put Redefine in the top half of Incubus songs.

Also, Rogues is one of the most well structured rock songs the band has ever written. I thought Rogues at #4 was high, but it's definitely a top 10-15 Incubus song when considering ever band member's parts on it and how much the songs stands out on Light Grenades.

WOW!   Hadn't even noticed a "Certain Shade of Green" was not on the list.  For sure it should be!?!?!

"Rogues" is indeed a great work, but with the memories of an epic moment of Brandon during a "Paper Shoes" performance, I'd keep it in the higher spot. ( I saw 4 shows of the "Light Grenades" tour, with great seats!)

And I totally agree that "Sick Sad Little World" should be #1!  I would change a few others around, and maybe add some other songs not listed from "Science".  My list would probably waiver from day to day actually,  depending on what's going on in my own little world!:)

I'd like to nominate Nowhere Fast!



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