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Incubus is planning a week of events here in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of their new album "If Not Now, When?". And all kinds of things are going to be happening, from chats with the band, musician's clinics, behind the scenes look at the tour prep, and most of all some very special performances from the band from June 30-July 6...Six performances in all and all of it is going to be broadcast live on the internet. But for a lucky few, you can be part of the live in studio audience. Only 75 people can attend each performance so these invites will be highly in demand. Tickets are not being sold for these events. Its invite only and we can't figure out who to invite. That's where you come in. Give us some ideas of how we can pick the list. Think out of the box and think about how we can give everybody who'd like to be there a fair shot. Think about how we can involve fans not just from LA but also Incubus fans in the US and internationally as well. We will be keeping an eye out for great ideas and look forward to seeing the most deserving fans sitting on the couch that week. 


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í tried and schedulícity wouldn't let me but I went today and they said I could come back tomorrow? That threw me off a bit lol

Yeah they told I could come back tomorrow too. Did you try later? I was able to schedule for tomorrow at 1pm. I did it just in case they would check the list.

Karla Rodriguez said:

í tried and schedulícity wouldn't let me but I went today and they said I could come back tomorrow? That threw me off a bit lol

@Karla & Camille. I had this problem yesterday@ the Schedulcity website.

If you have a current appointment you need to cancel it before you can book a new one, you can't reschedule. I originally was set for a 10am appt and wanted to change it to an afternoon one. It wouldn't let me "change" my original appt for 10am, I had to totally cancel the old one, before it let me go in to schedule a new appt for 1pm :) Hope that helps.

Oh reaaaally?? :) I'm gonna try to màke it! :D thanks!
Yeah just do it real quick and you should be good to go, I canceled and was confirmed for my new spot in less than 5 minutes :)

did anyone not on the guest list get into show tonight? =]


Yeah I'm curious if everything went smoothly tonight and if you do get on the list for future performances, do you get a plus one?
who were the lucky winners tonight?!?! i watched it on livestream and it was soooooooo good!! oh! and where did you guys park? i dont want to get another parking ticket on sunday
damn, someone in the livestream chat says you cant bring a guest if you win for the concert
Nope, I have been hearing that it is NOT a +1 event. you do however get to see them if you win!! score!!

How did people get an invite to tonight's show? I've been trying to keep up with all the info but so far I'll be at HQ on sat at 12 or 1...i forgot!  I would LOVE to see A Crow Left of The Murder from beginning to end LOVE LOVE LOVE that album and I didnt get to see them on that tour when they were at the forum!


In other wild news I work across the street from HQ and love seeing all the fans buzzing around!

I'm going at 2pm on July 6th :D

Super excited!

Sarahh (SHAFT!) said:

Yes J Noh!  What day are you going?

J Noh said:

I'm so glad that there are spots open again! (Since my original sign-up apparently disappeared in the abyss of the internet) Too bad none of my friends will be in town to go with me... But I'm sure I'll be meeting other awesome Incubus fans there :)



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