Today on the chat, together with some of our friends, we had an idea of something we could call "The International Incubus Fans Meeting".

I can already see those ironic smirks on your faces, but please spend just a few minutes to take a look at our plan ;-)

This is what we wanted it to look like:
We want to divide the globe into a few regional groups. Each group would gather it's members in one place (preferably the center of the region). Then, every group would need to get to the place we want everyone to meet. It all sounds really vague and obscure, but it's not that difficult!

This is the preliminary division I thought of. I would be more than happy to see your suggestions for it :) My first assumption was that the groups shouldn't be too big, about 4-6 countries each.

EUROPE (I omitted smaller countries, such as Canary Islands or Cyprus. Not because I don't want them to come, only because they will know better what works best for them and I wasn't sure how they would like to be divided. Let me know people!)

1st group: Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus and probably Moldova. Moscow seems to be a good meeting point, but you guys can work something out.

2nd group: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. The meeting point could be somewhere in Poland (though I don't want to push it, I live there :D) or maybe Germany? Any suggestions?

3rd group: France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and the British Isles. I know the Isles are divided from the rest by the sea, so Brits can meet somewhere in London (for example) and then go to the meeting point in Amsterdam(?). Let me know what you think of it!

4th group: Norway, Sweden, Finland (and probably a part of Russia and Estonia or Latvia, because they're close). Meeting point in Helsinki?

5th group: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy. Meeting point somewhere in France, Paris maybe? Or in Spain, Madrid?

6th group: Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania and Greece. I gathered them all into one group, as these are smaller countries. Of course, you can change it if you like. Meeting point in Bucharest.

I would really appreciate, if someone did the same division for other continents, as my geographical knowledge is not that good ;) Also, each group and each country will need a coordinator or two to make sure everyone gets in place etc. etc.

Now, the point is to gather people from the given countries in one place, from which we will all travel to our destination (which we still need to acknowledge ;))

The plan assumed that it would be best to hitchhike to the destinaton. If someone has a car, that's great, though we need to make sure, we're not crossing the ocean or something, unless it's ok with you to leave your car somewhere and get it on the way back. 

I don't know what number of people to expect. I suppose there will be more people in a few groups and less people in others. If you want to hitchhike, it will be necessary to divide into smaller groups of 2-3 people. Please, make sure, noone travels alone.

This is just an outline of a plan, I'm sure it needs a lot of polishing, that's why I'm asking for your suggestions. First of all, are you interested in such an event?

I could also use some help, so if you'd like to be a group coordinator or country coordinator, please message me and I will provide more details, there is still a lot of planning to do.

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I think an intercontinental meeting is not to realize. Maybe if there were a travel agency, who organizes all this and take money fot it ;-)

People have jobs and have familiy, so maybe this is too complicated to plan, students are often busy too, and (maybe) have not enough money for such a trip.

Perhaps continental meetings would be possible in each of the continents.

I´m so happy to see Incubus in my former home and my future home Berlin :-)

I think we will make the first test of the international meeting of fans at the concert in Berlin on June 17. there will be  German, Italian, French and other people... I can't wait! :)



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