Hey world of Incubus fans. I wasn't sure if anyone else happened to notice, but what happened to the official Incubus website? A few months ago I noticed that there wasn't one and now when you type it in, you get redirected to here.

      With Brandon Boyd releasing a new album and not hearing an entire lot from the Incubus train this year so far, I presume I am growing paranoid thoughts whether to if Incubus is still intact or not.  My attempt is not to stir up conspiracies or cause rumors, but rather to have these questions answered.

      Where I am appreciative that Incubus have allowed the HQ to continue on and to help fans unite, I am also concerned with the lack of updates we are provided with. If this is exclusive for Incubus fans as this appears to be,  can we please have more updates of information regarding the band, as a whole? I respectfully am caring for the band as individuals, but also am growing weary of the silence amongst the musical masterminds.

      As much as I love the Incubus-HQ, I would really prefer to share the options of accessing both, the fan site, and the official band site as well. Please bring back the official website for Incubus.

 Thank you for answering any questions asked or considering any inquisitions stated otherwise.

- Emily Tripp

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Hi Emily,

This is the official Incubus website. Hello from the band's team! We hope you are enjoying your stay and if there's anything I can do for you, I am happy to oblige.

The reason you're not seeing a lot of news updates right now is that the band is currently on a break. They aren't doing a whole lot to do with Incubus itself, and generally they try to keep their solo efforts separate from the entity that is Incubus. They haven't broken up, though! They're still a band, just taking a little bit of some time off to get some solo work out of their systems and also to spend time with their families. It'd keep your ear to the ground, you never know when we might have something to announce.

Rest assured, for official news, you'll hear it here (and on our Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/incubus) first.

Love and Light,

Team Incubus

 Hey guys,

Checking back a year later and there still hasn't been any news regarding Incubus as a whole. It's been three years now since they released If Not Now, When and every two-three years (at most) is when they are usually releasing another album. Is there any news regarding the band besides Sons of The Sea or their individual progress?


 Thanks kindly,

- Emily



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