It's time to start the thread my friends, we talk about this far too much in chat!! Let's put our money where our mouths are!! Haha. Here we go!!


What year was Incubus formed?

(answer: 1991)


What Rolling Stones song did Incubus cover for their manager Steve Rennie?

(answer: Paint It Black)


What comic book movie soundtrack did Incubus appear on and what was the name of the song?
(answers: Spawn and Familiar)


How many shows did Incubus play in the US in 2006?

(answer: six Amnesty International's Make Some Noise For Darfur, Sony E3 Party, Edgefest 2006, Bimbo's 365 Club (Secret Show), Nissan Live Sets, KROQ Almost Acoustic XMAS)


What was the name of Mikey's first orchestral composition and when was it?

(answers: End.>Vacuum and August 23, 2008)


What is the name of Brandon's solo album?

(answer: The Wild Trapeze)


What DJ group was Kil a part of before Incubus?

(answer: The Jedi Knights)


What hip hop group was Ben a part of before Incubus?

(answer: The Roots)


What Incubus tour was Pantomime debuted on?

(answer: A Crow Left of The Murder Tour)


How many albums (including EP's) has Incubus released?
(answer: 8. Fungus Amongus, Enjoy Incubus, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Make Yourself, Morning View, A Crow Left of The Murder, Light Grenades, Monuments and Melodies, If Not Now, When?)


What did Brandon originally want to name the band?

(answer: Spiral Staircase)


What year did Incubus first go to Chile?

(answer: 2007)


What song did Incubus perform on the tribute cd for Lynn Strait? (Strait Up)

(answer: Divided)


What venue did Incubus play at in 1993 when Mikey found a 100 dollar bill on the ground?

(answer: The Roxy on April 29, 1993)


What was the name of Incubus' first song?

(answer: Love Sick)


What famous music festival did Incubus tour with in 2003, even releasing a live album from?

(answer: Lollapalooza, album Live at Lollapalooza 2003)


What is the name of Ben's record label?

(answer: Ghetto Crush Industries)


What rock god did Mikey compose the score to his movie?

(answer: Ozzy Osbourne, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne)


What is the actual name of the Morning View house?

(answer: The Stern House, but is now called Morning View Studios)


What was the name of Incubus' first demo compilation?

(answer: Closet Cultivation)


Feel free to add your own!!! Let's have fun!!!

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Very good, Karla!! It was!



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