Turns out Incubus will be releasing the Essentials on a 2 disc release.


I was wondering, do you think these tracks are the essentials or are you missing any?


Disc 1

1. “Version”
2. “A Certain Shade Of Green”
3. “Redefine”
4. “New Skin”
5. “Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)”
6. “Pardon Me”
7. “Stellar”
8. “Drive”
9. “Crowded Elevator ”
10. “Wish You Were Here”
11. “Nice To Know You”
12. “Warning”
13. “Are You In?”
14. “Circles”

Disc 2:

1. “Megalomaniac”
2. “Talk Shows On Mute”
3. “Agoraphobia”
4. “Monuments and Melodies”
5. “Pantomime”
6. “Make A Move”
7. “Anna Molly”
8. “Dig”
9. “Oil And Water”
10. “Love Hurts”
11. “Black Heart Inertia”
12. “Adolescents”
13. “Promises, Promises”
14. “In The Company Of Wolves”


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needs rogues , threads , hilikus , and some other songs  other then that its decent.

I am missing take me to your leader.....

Of course a lot of tracks I am missing... But there all singles or b-sides... I wonder if 'In the company of wolves' will be released as single..



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