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Ren suggested we start a thread discussing support bands for the upcoming world tour!! Who would you all like to see open for Incubus? Who deserves the shot?!


 Let's hear your responses folks!!


I think Liam Finn might be a perfect candidate. He's got a new album coming tour dates as of yet. He's a bit experimental.A bit pop, a bit folk.A great songwriter and he's from Auckland New Zealand.




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One Republic. The opening rhythm in this song reminds me a little bit of 'Isadore'. I like their music, very eclectic, like incubus!


As much as I love Deftones, I think they might be a little too big for these purposes. They co-headline shows these days, plus I think they're on tour now. I was planning to go see them on the 27th.

Christina Herrera said:

They've toured together before, so they should just do it again for old time's sake. I'd see Deftones a third time. I met them the last couple of times.

Maybe something like this could happen again?

Val Emmich would be a great support act, if you're into the idea of including independent artists.



I'd say Kaki King, with band. Her latest album, Junior, fits with the rocking side of the band, while much of he past music can set the mood for slower songs. She is completely different than Incubus is, but still would fit it I think.




I saw someone mention Biffy Clyro. Great band, one of my favorites, but not sure if it's a great fit with Incubus. Then again, opening-acts hardly ever fit the band they open for.


In Europe, Manchester Orchestra would be a great opener. Great band, music kinda fits and deserves some promo in Europe.


Here's my two cents,


How about these girls, WARPAINT, they have a new album out "The Fool". This song, Majesty, is one of my favourite. I think they are from the UK. This song kinda shows their diversity, give it a full listen. Enjoy.

Please bring this unsigned(WTF?) incredible Israeli band to Australia. They have an AMAZING sound..

I urge all incubus fans to hear this magic sound they create!
I sing lead for a band called "Or Nothing" we definitely lean more towards hard hitting alt rock. But always fun! Check us out :]
I think Minus the Bear would be great. I mean they are already opening for them in Hawaii so why not the rest of the dates... at least for America.
I think Minus the Bear would be great. I mean they are already opening for them in Hawaii so why not the rest of the dates... at least for America.

What do you guys think of this band? Centao are Austrian and i really like their style. Just brought

out their new single which is getting pretty good reviews und doing good in alternative & rock charts.

small acoustic teaser:


full video:




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