Hi everybody!


This is like a game. It is about comparing two Incubus songs, and you have to choose one of the two that are being compared, so you choose the one that you like the most. Then, you write the one that you chose and compare it with another.


For example:

USER A: A Certain Shade Of Green VS Favorite Things

So, other users answer...

USER B: Favorite Things VS New Skin

USER C: Favorite Things VS Vitamin


Got it?

So, let's play!

I'll start with this one:


Redefine VS Deep Inside

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Pistola vs Just A Phase

Just A Phase vs. Stellars

 Just a  Phase  vs  A Certain Shade of Green

Tough one!

Just A Phase VS Drive

Drive vs Make Yourself

Tough one!

Make Yourself VS A Crow Left Of The Murder

THAT one's tough Gabriel! So tough I think I'm gonna have to pass on choosing ;) Great picks!

Hi Natalie! Thanks! :)


Hi Gabriel :) ok I'll take a shot at this one...

A Crow Left of the Murder vs Pistola

Tough one!

A Crow Left Of The Murder VS Sick Sad Little World

O_O hmmm

A Crow Left of the Murder vs Megalomanic

A Crow Left of the Murder vs Talk shows on mute



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